Monday, 2 April 2018


Hi Darlings!

So, the Spring outfits are starting to pop up here on the blog and I hope you are enjoying them so far. I loved this look, felt super cute and sassy (whats new?!) in it! The jumper is from the Lazyoaf x Betty Boop collab and both the skirt and shoes are from ASOS ages ago. The hoops are Topshop and the bag was a gift from my parents a while ago and it has no tags/branding on it...sorryyy.

I love when the seasons change. It always feels like a fresh start and since Winter seemed to drag on for so long and be so dark and so cold, this change feels even nicer. I feel ready for it but I also feel like something big is on the horizon. I can't put my finger on it but I really do feel like the season won't be the only change I'll experience right now. I am trying to embrace it and I am more excited for whatever it is than I am nervous but I can also be impatient so I'm having to try and just "be". Wait and see what comes my way and deal with it accordingly. 

I feel as though I am going through a change. My habits are shifting and silly things like the foods I've been craving are really odd and different to what I usually do. No I am not! I also have this super strong urge to drastically change my hair and we all know when a woman changes her hair, something big is happening!

I recently hit 1,000 subscribers on youtube, which is HUGE to me! And I had said to myself that a few ideas for videos I have had for aaaages, I would do when I hit this milestone. Maybe that is contributing to these uneasy feelings of newness and change. Maybe my instincts are trying to tell me that these ideas, when finally realised, will be big and will impact my future or my direction. Either way, I feel ready for it.

I also have this surge of inspo to renovate our house again and I know everyone seems to get the "Spring cleaning" bug but it's more that I want to change everything. See?! Change...again! I have to learn to hold this energy though because quite honestly, my body can't keep up. My body can't do all of the things I want done and in the small time frame I want to do it. So I've kinda got ants in my pants to do all these things but I've just got to sit there half of the time and deal with it because I can't do it all. I get frustrated by this too. It is one of the things I've found hardest to deal with since getting ill. My mind still thinks I can do everything like I used to but my body physically cannot. It's a toughy.

I have the travel bug too. Out of nowhere I am suddenly increasingly inspired to run away and travel the world. I want to go on like 3 different trips reallllly badly but they just aren't feasible right now. So I guess I'm in this weird limbo state right now of feeling all this change coming but not really being able to do much about it yet. It's ok though, I feel ready and excited for the changes. I am embracing all of these feelings and accepting them. What will be will be. Spring brings change. Everything blooms.

Are you feeling it too?! This restless anticipation and all of the changes? Let me know if you are, I'd love to discuss why we think this is happening. I am also feeling compelled to explore my spiritual side more. I feel drawn to crystals and meditation and stuff... stronger than ever. Is this something you are into? How should I get started with it all? Let me know, I hope we all have a glorious, nourishing Spring!

Peace & Love xxx

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