Monday, 2 October 2017

Got the Blues...

Whilst everyone else seems to be having the Summer blues I am the happiest, most well, most relaxed i have been in a long time which has alot to do with Summer being over. Having an illness like Lupus SLE means all of my symptoms are made millions of times worse when it is hot and or sunny so now that it is a bit more grey and a bit cooler I am feeling better and better by the day!

I basically spent the entirety of Summer this year on my sofa or in my bed in the dark and honestly, it really affected my mood and mental health. I was in constant pain and too fatigued to do anything really. It was awful!

The week that i am writing this though, something shifted. I was waking up feeling more rested, stronger, in less pain and just more able to live life again. Every day this week i have been out and about busy doing things I love all day long and it has been sooooo long since I felt this fulfilled.

I've done my own food shopping, I've been driving alone, I've been out with my camera in nature which is where I am my most at peace and I have been shopping doing some retail therapy which ya'll know I love! I haven't done any of these things in months let alone all in the same week!

Illnesses like Lupus can change daily so it is really important for me to seize the day when i am feeling able and well enough otherwise I'll have no quality of life at all. However, this is where it gets tricky. Since I am such a go-go-go kinda gal, as soon as i feel better i cram so much in to the point where i have made myself ill again in the past and that is so frustrating! I am still only in my first year since being diagnosed so I am still learning how to balance this illness, the rest i need and living my life. It's a toughy.

Theres a lesson to be learned here for anyone, even those without illnesses like mine, and that is to do more of what you love! Try your hardest not to get caught up in all of the boring shit we must do to live and survive (i get how important those things are) but dont focus on them too much. Do them because you have to but make time and room to do things just because you WANT to or because you LOVE to.

Ultimately, without sounding too morbid, you dont ever know whats around the corner. I had no idea Lupus was in my future but here i am. Do things whilst you can. Do more of what you love. Make yourself happy.

So you love to run? RUN!
You love to dance? DANCE!
You love to walk in the woods? ME TOO! LET'S GO!

It truly doesnt matter if you are good at what you love. If you love to paint but you're no Picasso, so what?! Do it just for the love of it! I promise it's good for your soul! Listen to your heart and follow it! You'll shake those blues off for good! And on that note imma carry on being super glad that Summer is gone and Im feeling better, sorrynotsorry Summer lovers!

Peace & Love ya'll xxx

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