Thursday, 23 February 2017

Throwback OOTD #13...

Hey lovelies!

You know how some of the best things start by accident?!....

This outfit was one of my faves from our Florida trip back in September but it was a total accident. This day was one of our last days at the Disney parks and I was in a wheelchair but also had really bad sunburn so I kinda had to dress to accomodate those things. I threw on a top that covered my chest and a light cardigan to cover my sore arms. I put that with one of my longer pairs of shorts so it didn't look like I was just wearing knickers in the wheelchair. Et Voila! I really loved how it looked and felt! It was super comfy, felt casual but looked put together still. Happy Jess!

How's your week going?!

Peace & Love xxx

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