Thursday, 16 February 2017

Throwback OOTD #12...

Hey lovelies!

I usually love this time of year. I usually love Winter and being all snuggly inside whilst it rains outside but tbh right now im over it. I'm reeeeally over waking up to every day being so grey outside. It just stays so grey and dismal all day every day atm and its getting me down now. So, I thought this lil throwback OOTD would perk up my mood and maybe yours too :)

There I am in all my pale, stretch marked glory. I bloody adore this swimsuit from Debenhams and whilst it doesn't lift your boobs for amazing cleavage (not much does with my 34G's anyways) it does offer enough support that its comfortable and I have to say it held up well on all sorts of water slides and wave pools! No flashing here! 

I hope the clear water and bright yellow sunflowers injected a little bit of much needed sunshine into your day like it did mine!

Peace & Love xxx

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