Monday, 26 September 2016

Must Haves Monday #26...

Ahoy there mateys!

Duno why I opened like that since this post is in no way pirate and/or nautical themed. Anyways, we all know by now that I love a bit of Cath Kidston dont we?! We also know how much I adore Winnie the Pooh, dont we?! He is one of my all time favourite Disney characters because I loved him so much as a child and still do. I always have the BEST character interactions at the Disney parks with Winnie the Pooh and his friends! Ahhh Disney World....take me back!!! So it will come as no surprise to anyone that when I heard Cath Kidston were collaborating with Disney and Winnie the Pooh I nearly fainted in excitement! I put the date in my calendar and have been dreaming of Pooh bear surrounded by ditsy flowers on jammies and mugs and cute dresses. Well that day is finally here as the collection is in stores as of TODAY! So it, of course, had to be my Must Haves Monday because I simply MUST HAVE IT ALL!!! Here are my favourite items from the collection...

OMG! I am in LOVE!!!! I just wana be cuddled up in the jammies on the right whilst sipping tea from the mug at the bottom. All day erryyyday! Isn't it just wonderful?! I am so glad I was not disappointed. It is all I wanted from this collab and I am defo guna be asking for some bits as "early Christmas pressies". Please Santa?! I've been super good!

Also, I don't have kids yet but I couldn't not include some of the bits for the kids because, well, It's just the cutest stuff I've ever seen...

Would it be too weird of me to buy the baby stuff now and keep it for when the time comes that I do have a baby?! Yeah?! Bit weird. Lol I shall refrain. 

Which item are you after from the collection?! Let me know in the comments! I hope you are all having a lovely start to your week and thank you for reading :)

Peace, Love & a dream collab come true xxx

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