Monday, 19 September 2016

Must Haves Monday #25...


So, todays Must Haves Monday is inpired by my illness. No it's not pill dispensers and sample bottles. It's jammies! If you are unwell or just having a bit of a chill day- you sometimes still wana look cute whilst you do that so here are my fave jammies sets I have seen recently...

I've got you covered for this awkward time of year where you sometimes need jumpers and full length jammies and other times you need vests and short PJ sets. And they are all equally cute and sassy! I've also made them easy to find for any of you who are currently having a chill day and are after as minimal effort as possible! I got you ;)

You can find them all here

I hope your Monday is as fabulous as your jammies...or as these jammies! 

Peace & Love xxx


  1. SO CUTE


  2. love does! :) so cute!

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    Alessa Bernal :)