Wednesday, 31 August 2016

NYX Makeup Setting Spray review....

Heya beautifuuullllssss!

Bit of a different post today for you all! I have decided to up my game again when it comes to my blog. I have been really into my Youtube channel the last few months and although I still post here at least once a week I feel as though I've only offered the same content for quite some time. I don't like that. I want to be producing helpful, interesting, cool new shit all the time for you guys! After all there are 200 of you who have remained loyal followers to my blog for years now! It has just been hard what with my diagnosis and being so unwell and planning a holiday and then making regular videos for Youtube. But i know you guys are super understanding and I've been waiting for something to inspire me again on here because if I'm not into it then what's the point in sharing it with anyone?! 

That day has come. I am inspired!

I bring to you, a review of the NYX makeup setting spray- Matte finish/long lasting which I started using for the first time a couple of weeks ago now. So let's get stuck in shall we...

First things first, I bought this product with Florida in mind. I knew I was going to somewhere that is very hot and humid but that is also a place I will be getting soaking wet on water rides at the different theme parks. Most of the time on holiday I wear little to no makeup. However, Lupus came along and can make the skin on my face look very red, sore and sometimes bumpy and whilst that doesn't bother me most of the time...sometimes it really does. Sometimes I do just want to cover it up and pretend I have no illness and feel pretty and go on a wonderful date with the boyf feeling great about myself. On those days I do reach for the makeup but I knew, from past experience, that mere makeup doesn't stand a chance in the Florida heat whilst being sprayed with water. I needed a saviour!

I did a small amount of research online looking at different solutions. Makeup setting sprays seemed to be the thing I was in need of. But where to start?! There were so many different brands offering different makeup setting products that it made my head hurt. I took a deep breath, had a nap, then got back to my research. Based on reviews and recommendations from friends and bloggers I trusted I narrowed it down to this NYX one and an Urban Decay setting spray. I must admit, convinience decided between the two. The NYX one was available in my local boots right then and there, whereas I don't live near an Urban Decay and ordering online would take too long. I really wanted to try it out a few times before my holiday to make sure it worked and also that it didn't aggravate my very sensitive, sometimes rashy Lupus skin. I picked up the NYX one in Boots. Now to try it out...

I don't tend to wear makeup on a day where I am just at home editing or chillin' but I thought to myself that it would be pointless to test it then as I wouldn't be sweating or getting my face wet. I wanted a realistic test. I decided to first try it out on a super hot day out, bridesmaid dress shopping. Not for my wedding...calm down! I am a bridesmaid for my bestie :) I knew it was a really hot day but that we would also be walking loads, carrying bags, trying stuff on in tiny sauna-like changing rooms. Why are they always like saunas?! I knew there would be sweat. Perfect. So I followed the instructions and did my full face of makeup and then finished it with a generous spritzing of the NYX Makeup setting spray. What did I find?!

I was impressed! Impressed and very pleased! It was successful! It worked! I had spent a full day in the hot sun, in a hot car, in hot sauna-like changing rooms. I had got dressed and undressed and dressed again. I had carried bags and walked around for hours. My makeup was still in tact! It hadn't budged an inch! It also hadn't irritated my skin at all, which was the real victory since most new products make my skin very angry! Here is what I would rate the product out of 10-

Smell of product- 
Important since you are spraying it at your face. I don't think it really smells like anything at all which I prefer when it comes to products on my face. 

Look of product-
Important to me, a self confessed Instagram addict who wants everything she owns to be aesthetically pleasing. I think it is nice and compact. Packaging is simple, clean and chic. Feels nice in your hand.

Price of product-
I bought this for £7.00 in Boots. I did think the bottle was a little small for that size but since using it I have realised that it sprays out in a kind of mist and so you are barely using any product per spray. I think it will last ages and so that made me less mad at the price.

Feel of product-
When I first sprayed it onto my face I was surprised by how wet it felt and wondered if I had maybe used too much. However, after a few seconds it totally dried. I didn't notice my face feeling any different than when I hadn't used it over my makeup, which I liked. It didnt irritate my skin at all which is wonderful!

Effectivity of product-
I bought the matte finish one...there is a dewy finish one available but my skin is shiny enough in the Florida heat without adding anything labeled "dewy" to it. Whilst I don't think it made my skin more matte than when I hadn't used it, it also didn't make my skin more dewy/shiny/oily either which I thought was good for such a "wet" product. It also claims to be "long lasting" which I think is true. On my bridemaid shop test it kept my makeup in check all day long and I also used it on a night out where I was a sweaty betty and yup it was still fabulous at the end of the night.

Top Tip-
I had been watching a load of beauty gurus doing makeup tutorials on Youtube before my night out recently and saw a couple of them spray their setting spray on after each step of doing their face. For example, foundation then spray, concealer then spray, eyes then spray. I tried it, thinking I would be even more impressed than I was with just my bog standard spritz at the end of doing my whole face. I do not recommend. I personally, put concealer on first, then foundation, etc etc and when I sprayed my face with this after doing my concealer but before doing my foundation it did not work. I could not blend my foundation properly and it looked cakey. So maybe with other brands that might be good but I would only recommend using this NYX spray at the end, after doing your whole face of makeup for the best results!

So there you have it! My honest review of the NYX Makeup setting spray in matte finish/long lasting. I love this product and I can't wait to use it in Florida and have non-shiny, fabulous photos with my makeup in perfect condition! I hope you enjoyed reading it and I hope it was useful/helpful. I thought this product would be great not only for holidays but also for long days at work/performance jobs/before photoshoots and loads of other occassions!

Peace& Love ya'll xxx