Monday, 4 July 2016

Must Haves Monday #14...

Hey guys!

This weeks Must Haves aren't very summery but that's because I haven't felt very summery tbh. I am so over this English hot and muggy but grey and cloudy with random flooding from huge unexpected showers type weather. OVER IT. I'm ready for a beautiful Autumn already. Anyways I have been totes obsessed with Camo print everything right now! It is such a cool way to update a summer dress. Just chuck on a camo military jacket or a camo backpack and tadahhh you have an instantly cool update. So here are my faavourite camo print items...

It may just be my lazy side talking but how comfy, cosy, cool is the lounge set in the middle?! Also, I've been pretty bad ass at covering all of your camo shade needs- look at the variety of shades here?! You can thank me later ;) Here is where you can find it all:

Ok so i need the jacket on top row in the middle, the pink jacket, the shirt next to it, the backpack aaaaand the right now...thanks! Here is where you can buy it all:

I want it alllllll! Which is your favourite item on todays list?! I hope you have a wonderful week and thank you for reading :)

Peace, love & camouflage xxx

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