Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Woman Crush Wednesday...

Hey Hey Hey!

So you may have noticed that WCW has been on a mini hiatus. That is because a few Wednesday's ago was my beautiful Auntie Julies funeral. This weeks post is dedicated to her because she has been my "Woman Crush" since the day I was born. I won't go into too much detail on here because it is obviously very personal but Julie was an extremely special human being. There was and is and never will be anyone like her. Although she had a terrible disease that affected her life for over 20 years that wasn't her defining feature. Not to me anyway. For as long as I can remember Julie inspired me. I have always been in awe of what a happy, free, life-loving spirit and person she was. Everyone that ever met her said how much she laughed and smiled and was so positive even with though she was battling MND. I will never forget how strong you are Julie. I will never stop smiling when I think of all the countless times we laughed until we cried together. I will never stop reminding myself of how much you loved and appreciated life. You will always be my inspiration. My Woman Crush for a lifetime.

I have decided that rather than doing a WCW post every week I will do one a month from now on so consider this my May edition. I hope to put something else that is equally amazing in their place on the other Wednesdays of the month so keep your eyes peeled! Now I know how I started this post is a really tough act to follow but there have been a few other wonderful women who have been inspiring me this month and it is only fair that I include them here today.

First up is Amina. I have been following her buisness; Studio Mucci on Instagram for as long as I can remember. Her aesthetic was what I wanted my life to look like! All sparkles, unicorns and pastel everything! So yes, Amina has been inspiring me for a really long time but something changed recently. A little while ago Amina uploaded a video on Youtube talking about her struggles with mental health. All of a sudden this beautiful lady who I had followed for so long because of her gorgeous looks, fabulous style and positive attitude became so much more than that to me. I saw her as so brave, so honest, so down to earth....and it was wonderful. Now I know of her struggles she inspires me on such a deeper level. As you will all be aware of if you read my long ass post about making a comeback or saw my latest youtube video- I have had alot of struggles with my health recently too and honestly I think seeing Aminas video inspired me on some level to make mine. It is really hard to be honest about these things and it is really brave to share that with the world and for that she is my Woman Crush Wednesday!
You can find Amina here:
@studiomucci (for her business)
@tasselfairy (for her personal insta)

Next up is a lovely lady whom I only found fairly recently. Her name is Ellie Steadman and she, like me, is a Disney addict! I first found her on Youtube whilst binge-watching any kind of Disney vlog and I really liked her vibe. Ellie comes across as such a lovely, nice, down to earth person and that teamed with our mutual love for Disney meant I obvs had found a new WCW. I can't quite remember which video of hers it was in but I saw her talk about where her love for Disney started and listening to everything this girl has been through really touched my heart. It is so inspiring to see someone prioritise their happiness and their passions...Disney makes Ellie happy so she works hard and saves up and goes to the parks quite regularly and good for her! I also think her commitment to her Youtube channel whilst still working an "in real life" job is impressive. If you have any questions about Disney holidays she is the lady to speak to! Every time I have messaged her regarding my trip to Disney World in September she has taken the time to respond and has been super lovely and helpful! Hard working, passionate, sweet, down to earth, Disney geek- these are all things I am crushing on! GO ELLIE!
You can find Ellie here:
Instagram: @elliesteadman

And last, but by no means least is the fabulous Tess Holliday. I'm guessing most of you will have heard of her since she is an Internet sensation! Now, I'm probably not going to say what you think I will say about why Tess is on my list this month. Yes she is beautiful. Yes she is doing fucking incredible things for body positivity and womens self esteem around the world. Yes she is a rock star but none of these are at the top of my list. Tess is here because of the way in which she handles herself online. I have been inspired by her for aaaaages now but chose to include her right now in particular because this week her tolerance has inspired me. If you follow Tess on social media or have seen a photo of her shared by anyone you will know what I'm talking about when I say that she recieves some of the most disgusting, disturbing comments from people I have ever seen. People are rude online, trolls exist, we know these things but Tess gets it on a whole different level. This week alone I have seen her get rape and death threats on a photo she posted about her current pregnancy. YUP! This beautiful woman is expecting a beautiful baby and people are threatening her in a sickening way. And these people think it is okay because of her size. NEWS FLASH!!! IT'S NOT OKAY! IT IS NEVER OKAY! Yet Tess remains seemingly unphased by it all and that is truly inspiring! Tess continues to post photos of herself, continues to spread her #effyourbeautystandards, continues to help women all around the world with their messed up body image issues depsite all of the awful things being sent to her. She obviously knows what an amazing difference she is making and sees (thank god) that it is worth all of the negativity. If you ever read this Tess, please never give up because of the hate and the trolls! Please never stop being you and sharing that with us! You are perfect the way you are and are just as entitled to happiness as any thin person is! Sincerely, a little nobody blogger from the UK who is constantly inspired by you!
Find Tess on Insta here:

So there you have it, my WCW #2 May Edition! Hope you liked it! Let me know who your woman crush is today?! I hope you all have a fabulous week and if you are crushing on an inspiring lady today go ahead and tell them so because it's all about banishing girl hate here on Jessica Chelsey!

Peace, Love & WCW xxx

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