Monday, 23 May 2016

Must Haves Monday #8...

Yo! Wassup?!

This week it's all pineapple errything. I bloody love pineapples so maybe thats why I love the print so much...I duno it just seems super summery! So I've prowled around the internet looking for all of the best Pineapple goodies and here is what I found:

 So I've tried really hard to include all of your pineapple needs whether they may be in the form of clothing, accessories, homeware or novelty items. I am obsessed with the candle on the top row in the middle it is amazing and I can't help but think the sweaters in the corners would look so cosy and chic chucked over a bikini on holiday. And can we talk about the pineapple lilo?!?!? FAB-U-LOUS!!!
You can find everything here with just one click. As always I start with the top left corner and work across the rows:

 If the first set of 9 pineapple items were for the pastel goddesses amongst us, these 9 are for the cool kids. I feel like these ones can give you a small dose of pineapple quirk without being too novelty. Does that make sense?! Well even though I am no cool kid I NEEEEED the black shirt in the middle. So friggin cute. You can find everything here:

Want dainty pineapple goodies in your life?! Coming right up! I want the pink socks and the jelly coin purse pleaseandthankyou! Find everything here;

I guess I really want a pineapple money box huh since this is the 3rd one in this post, Hey, I'm ok with that! How friggin cute is that pineapple ring though?! Find these pineapple accessories here:

There you have it...#8 of my Must Haves Monday series. Let me know what your favourite item is and if there is a print you are lusting over for summer? I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and a fabulous rest of the week!

Peace, Love & Pineapples xxx

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