Monday, 16 May 2016

Must Haves Monday #7...


It's all about rainbows this week which I think is all thanks to this amazing giant rainbow bag I got for my Birthday....

Isn't it a beaut?! So here goes....I'm fulfilling all your rainbow needs with my must have items on this fine Monday...

I know...fabulous aren't they?! I simply MUST HAVE the rainbow backpack and swimsuit for my holiday this year!!! Here is where you can find everything going from top left across to the right:

 I have wanted that pink sweater in bottom left for sooooo friggin long!!!! Isn't it all just rainbow pastel perfection?! Here is where you can find it all over the rainbow in the same order as always...

I know these two are the odd ones out but I loved them both way too much to not include them so #sorrynotsorry. Find them here:

So there you have it- rainbows for all styles. Whether you wear all black, all pastels or like a full on bright all over rainbow outfit I hope I've found something for everyone! Let me know which item is your fav this week and if there's something you're really into right now but you just can't seem to get your hit of it let me know and if it's something I love too I will hunt it down for ya coz I'm lovely like that!

Peace, Love & Rainbows xxx


  1. Loving the necklace with the sun and cloud !! It's so adorable !! Xxx

    1. I know right! It reminded me of the little wooden toys I had as a kid :) xx