Sunday, 8 May 2016

Must Haves Monday #6....


So I have spent the last week lusting over anything and everything Mermaid related. I think it's a combination of both me getting excited for my holiday and me missing my pastel pink/lilac/blue hair. Whatever it is, it has me dreaming of long days on the beach and long nights in the sea. So I have put together my top picks for if you are looking for some more mermazing things in your life...

Getting some serious baywatch vibes from the swimsuit in the middle tbh. I would throw the cream knit jumper over it for some seriously enviable mermaid style. Here is where you can find it all:

I mean, you may not want to go all full on merbabe but I totes do so I would put the pink tee on with the mermaid jeans and shout IDGAF whilst swishing my non-pastel locks. Find it all here:

OHMYGOD I want it all!!!!! I totally adore the mermaid bottle opener and the clear makeup bag would be perfect for when I go on holiday! Click on the item to find where you can buy it:

Clear makeup bag is sold out :(

Is it just me or has the word mermaid just lost all meaning?! I hope you all love these must haves, I know mermaids have been "in" for a while now so hopefully I have helped connect you to your perfect mermaid item. Let me know which item or items are your favs and have a magical mermazing week ya'll!

Peace, love and Mermaids xxx


  1. I'm loving everything mermaid right now too! Excuse me while I go buy all these... :)


    1. Haha I'm glad I can fill your mermaid needs and I'm glad you love it all :) xx

  2. Saved as a favourite, I love your site!