Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Woman Crush Wednesday...

Hey lovelies!

As a part of my new effort to blog regularly again and introduce weekly posts I have decided to start a Woman Crush Wednesday post that will go live every week. I have done a few of these types of posts in the past and I really loved doing them. I like to give credit where credit is due and any chance to praise and lift up my fellow females, I will take. Some weeks the whole post may be dedicated to just one fabulous lady and others will be multiple amazing women based on who has inspired me this week! I have decided that I will start sharing more "unknown" ladies in the mix with my favourite big bloggers because both sets of women inspire me and deserve the shout out! I thought it would be lovely to include some small businesses ran by women and female artists who deserve some promotion- albeit from a tiny blogger like me but still it's nice to be raved about!

So first up is a huge blogger who has inspired me this week with her holiday snaps, fabulous Insta pics and the launch of her own clothing line with Off Dutee. Now I know I can't possibly promote this lovely lady better than she can promote herself since my following isn't even at a 1000 and her's is nearly half a million but honestly I feel it is well deserved. Her name is Sarah Ashcroft and I started following her aaaaaages ago on her blog and her Instagram. Back then she only had a tiny following compared to her now mammoth one but even then she was so dedicated. I remember seeing how often she posted and what good quality her photos were and how great her style was and I knew she would be successful. I duno, some bloggers I have watched go from tiny to huge pretty quickly and it's left me a little confused because I didn't see the passion or commitment in their posts and their style was just like millions of other bloggers I followed but not Sarah. Her confidence has grown, she has helped loads of girls with body confidence issues thanks to her honest videos about her breast augmentation. She seems fit and healthy, happy and honest and most importantly she seems to love what she does and is grateful to her following. I think Sarah Ashcroft deserves all the praise she can get and well done to her! She inspired me this week because she has gone from doing everything for her blog on her own like little old me to amazing trips to the Maldives and her very own clothing line and that's a cake I would like a slice of! Girl Power!!!!
Find her on Instagram @sarahashcroft
Her blog:

The second fabulous female who I've been crushing on this week is the beautiful Jessica Playfoot. Jess is a burlesque babe, models for life drawing sessions and is an all around strong, feminist, inspiring woman. I am also very lucky to be able to call her a friend and what a wonderful friend she is to me. Jess performs burlesque under the name "Bebe Boheme" and is also part of a group called the Salacious Sirens who do burlesque life drawing sessions for very reasonable prices on evenings in London. What inspires me about Bebe is that as her friend I know how much she has been through but as her fan you would never know it! Her energy, attitude and drive is that of a woman un-scorned. She is one of the most selfless, kind and thoughtful people I have ever met and I really want to see her continue to grow and succeed because she deserves it! Her sass, sense of humour and sex appeal could keep you entertained for years so please check out her fb page and Instagram and if you see what I see, hit the like button and show another fabulous female the support and praise she deserves!

FB page: 
Insta: bebe_bohemex

The third chicka inspiring me this week is Helen Anderson. It is well known that Helen has been one of my favourite youtubers for years now and whilst compared to me she is a huge personality on the internet I really don't think she has the following she deserves yet! She should be well into the millions now for her editing skills alone. Her videos are just not like any other vloggers I've ever seen. Each vlog is like watching a mini movie- unbelievably aesthetically pleasing! Her content is also really special because although she includes the usual, popular videos like hauls and favourites of the month she also creates a lot of content that I have never seen another vlogger come up with before like her interview style reflection video for the new year. Her lookbooks are one of my favourite things that she does because I admire how much work they must take. Not only does she style herself, choose really incredible locations and edit the whole video but often the music in the background that you hear is by her and her band Box of Light! Yup she sings like an angel too! Her talent is undeniable and if you don't already follow her you need NOW! #letsgethelentoamillion

You can find her here:

And last but definitely not least is my woman crush every day- my best friend. Although she doesn't have anything to promote on here I really wanted to include her because it is my first proper instalment of WCW and she has been inspiring me a shit ton since we were 4 and 5 years old. Her name is Robyn and even though she has been planning a wedding, moving house AND doing her full time job of teaching she has completely been my rock recently. Without her (and my boyfriend tbf to him) I don't know where I would be right now. I have had a whole heap of health issues recently and despite her being the busiest person I know she ALWAYS makes time for me! I love getting her little messages on the days I'm at hospital, checking how I got on and I love our lunch dates that end up being like 10 hours long in the restaurant because we talk too much. Robyn always lets me know she is thinking of me and I know she is always just a text away if I need her. That's what is important about friends. Robyn I truly cherish our friendship and you as a person! You are an amazing woman and have been inspiring me my whole life! #soppybitch #loveyoulongtime

So there you have it! My first "proper" instalment of Woman Crush Wednesday! I hope you like it and I hope it inspires you all to share some love this Wednesday with a woman who inspires you in any way! Have a great week ya'll!

Peace, Love and Fabulous Females xxx


  1. Hey lovely I would just like to say that your words on here are beautiful and I'm loving the empowering of women on your blog - I think a blog about you and how positive and creative and colourful you are - not just online but IRL too as an inspiration to those around you should be one of your empowering women Wednesday blogs. And I would like to add that although it is not necessarily related to this blog but a later one, I'm one of your followers who reads your blog and does not often comment - not because of anything you do or don't do but because your blog is a splash of colour and creativity that I look at, take some humour or fashion advice or an interesting thought from and then move on. I'll admit of all the blogs I look at I don't comment because I often don't think carefully about the time dedicated to it - I am selfish, so thank you I have been encouraged to become a more social and selfless person online and when I see something I like I will write about it, shout about it if I need to - because everyone who writes or blogs or posts stuff online deserves the acknowledgment that they've made someone smile so thank you and 💜💛💜 xxx

    1. I love you! Thank you so much for such lovely words! Xxx