Friday, 15 April 2016

The Jungle Book...

Good evening friends!

So today I went and watched The Jungle Book and it blew my friggin mind. 

As you are all very aware I am a huge Disney geek and as soon as I saw the trailer for this movie I knew I had to see it ASAP! It felt like I had to wait a million years from when I first saw the trailer until watching the movie today but it was worth the wait! Although, the original Jungle Book was not one of my favourites, the characters and the songs have a special place in my heart. We decided, based on the trailer, to see the movie for the first time in IMAX 3D. If you can watch it that way I would definitely recommend it! It was just stunning! The shots of the Jungle and the way that the animals are all done is just incredibly beautiful. So much so that the little 5 year old boy next to me kept saying, "Mummy it's beautiful!" throughout. Adorbs. I was a little concerned that maybe the smaller children in the cinema would get frightened at the darker moments in the film but honestly they all seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. I must say, too, that the boyf and I were definitely not the only AWC's (Adults without children) in the screening. There were lots of us actually. I guess that's just the power of Disney. When they remake a classic you're the first in line to see it because the original still holds such a special place in your hearts and minds. Let's talk Pros and Cons...

I felt as though the movie was adapted enough that it felt fresh and exciting but not changed so much that it lost it's magic from the animated original.

There were definitely lots of dark moments but I thought it also kept it's sense of humour to balance that out.

A couple of the songs from the original are still in there which was such a lovely surprise for me because I had convinced myself it wasn't at all musical.

As much as I adore Idris Elba, I just don't feel that his voice was right for Shere Khan. My boyfriend said this very early on in the film and I was like nahh he's alright but as it went on and the story evolved I, sadly, have to agree. His voice just wasn't epic enough for such an evil character. It sounded way too casual at times when it needed to be terrifying :(

Barely. Any. Vultures. I really remember the vultures from the original and I thought it was a shame that they weren't really in this one. You do see them lingering about but they don't have a song or any funny one liners and I missed that.

If you do not like movies that make you jump this may not be for you. Maybe it was just me. Maybe I'm just a wuss. But I almost shat my pants a couple of times during because of jumpy moments. This is why I do not go and watch horror movies in the cinema. It's not really a con for me, if I'm being truthful because I just thought it was really funny that Jungle Book had scared me so. I just thought I would include it here as I know for some people being made to jump is like a total no-go!

Overall, I am left very impressed! I loved it! Even though I still don't really understand why King Louie is so hench, I still loved it! Even though there were a couple of moments where I welled up and said under my breath, "don't do this Disney!" I still loved it! I want to see it again whilst it's in the cinema because it was just amazing! 

Now, since I came home all I have been thinking about is Jungle Book merch. Listen, I'm a Disney merch kinda girl ok and since we are going to Disney World in 5 months (EEEEEEK) I am totally on the look out for some cool shizz to rep my love for this movie! Which is when I remembered Kenzo. Fashion brand Kenzo have done a collab with Disney and bought out a Jungle Book collection and I am in love with it all! Before I saw the movie I liked the stuff because of the colours used and print choice but after seeing it I am now fully invested and want all the Jungle Book things. So here are my favourite KenzoXDisney items...

Aren't they all so beautiful?!?! I adore it all! You can find all of the KenzoXDisney items here which is where I borrowed the images from. Let me know which is your favourite piece and also let me know if you have seen the film and what you thought of it!

Peace, Love and Bare Necessities xxx

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