Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Must Haves Monday #4...

Pre note: So sorry that this is going up a day late I thought I had published it yesterday but it obviously hadn't :(


Do you know what I've been lusting over this week?! DINOSAURS!!!! I duno if it's because I've been watching loads of Florida vlogs and the Jurrasic Park part of Universal Studios is getting me super excited because when we went last time I had never seen any of the movies. I know- gasp, shock, horror! I just found them terrifying as a kid and so never got around to watching them as an adult. However, I saw the new Jurassic World film at the cinema and enjoyed it waaaay more than I thought I would and have been catching up on the old films ever since. It could be that. Or it could be because the boyf bought an acid wash classic Jurassic Park T-shirt recently and I have worn it more than he has...LOL....soz babe. So, since he wants his top back I thought I would look for a Dino fix of my own and I was not disappointed! Here are my top picks of the bunch...

I am ordering that dinosaur swimming cozzie as soon as I get any Birthday money because it will look cute AF in Florida EEEEEEEK! But you need your dino-fix now Jessica not in 5 months time...i know, i know...I have already thought this through! I will get the dino sweater now to keep me warm in the UK and then the swimsuit for when I go away. Sorted! Find everything here:

How cute is that top?! It has a dinosaur and it says I'm vintage. Too cute. Can't handle it. I loved these socks because of the little speech bubbles saying RAWR and I thought the phone case was so pretty! I am a huge keyring person. The bigger the better. So this dinosaur one was right up my street! Here is where you can locate the Dinos:

I WANT IT ALL!!!! Which is your favourite from my top picks!? I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you're all having a wonderful Monday!

Peace, Love and RAWWWRRRRR xxx

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