Monday, 4 April 2016

Must Haves Monday #1

Hey Ya'll!

So I am really going to try and get myself back into regular blogging as of today because even though I had no choice but to slow it down I now miss it! I am hopefully going to inject some much needed life back into my blog with new content that I haven't really tried before and with some weekly posts that you guys can rely on seeing each week and hopefully get excited for. The weekly posts start with Must Haves Monday! The first instalment of this is Disney themed because as you will know if you follow me on social media the boyf and I just booked a DISNEY WORLD trip for September this year and quite frankly I am buzzing my tits off for it!!!! That means everything I am lusting over right now is Disney themed! I want to dress in Disney clothes, drink from Disney mugs and cuddle Disney plushies. I am fully Disney geeking here ok! So here are a few of my favourite things...

Aren't they all just so damn cute?! I thought I would separate everything into 2 different collages...mainly because of the colouring of the items but also so that you could see them all clearly coz I'm thoughtful like that! I thought the mermaid necklace would be super popular among bloggers and the sweatshirts were still Disney but with that cool vintage vibe to them. If you love anything you see here just click on the name of the item below to be transported to where you can buy them:

This second lot of items I love equally as much but are way more bright, bold and colourful! I am in LOVE with the dungarees at the top from the ASOS Marketplace and since the genie has always been one of my all time fav Disney characters the mug at the bottom was just too perfect to not include it here! Here is where you can find everything:

So there you have it! My first instalment of my new weekly feature: Must haves Monday. I must say, starting it off with Disney feels all kinds of right to me. I will defo be posting more about my Disney holiday as the months go by so if you are a Disney geek like me, keep your eyes peeled! What was your favourite item on my list? If you could have any Disney character on an item of clothing/home ware who would you choose?! Let me know in the comments section below! My favourite thing about blogging has always been interacting with you guys!

Have a lovely week!

Peace, Love and all things Disney xxx

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