Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Anti- Social Media....

Hey ya'll!

So I know last week I said I was going to post every single week from now on about fabulous ladies that were my woman crush Wednesday buuuut I have a new plan. See, today I'm not inspired to write a standard WCW post. I am, however, inspired to write this post. Anti- Social Media. 

Now I know I don't have the biggest online following but I do have over 200 followers on blogspot, over 500 on Instagram, almost 200 on my blogs Facebook page etc etc and that all adds up to a fair few people looking at my content every day. And yet, most of the time it feels totally empty. My feeds feel deserted, lonely and very very quiet indeed. Why is that?! Why do I have over 1000 people reading what I write daily but only a few interacting with me. 

This is something I have thought about writing for quite some time and tbh it had it's place in my loss of passion for blogging. As much as I do write and create because I love doing it and I want to do it, I also do it for my followers. That sounds like I think I'm Yeezy or something and I truly don't but it is true. I always think that even though it's only 200 people who follow my blog that is still 199 more than i ever thought would be reading it in the first place and they deserve some content. Which leads me to think sometimes that maybe alot of people who follow me on social media and who I am friends with on Facebook just don't really want me to succeed. They don't really enjoy my posts. They aren't really interested. It's weird because multiple times recently I have posted something and had no comments, no likes, no nothing and then half hour later someone re-posts my post and gets loads of interaction. Am I just unliked? Maybe I am just having a bad day but sometimes I really feel that way and I wonder why.

I know a handful of my Instagram followers have followed me on there for years, have current, active accounts themselves and yet they have never liked even 1 of my photos. Never commented on anything, never double tapped anything. That is odd to me. I personally do not follow anyone on social media who I wouldn't feel compelled to interact with because well if not...what's the point?! It is called SOCIAL media after all. This may sound like I'm whinging for likes which is a major lolz concept because I really couldn't care less about the number of hearts I get on my selfies. I post them for me, because in that moment I'm feeling myself enough to take a photo of my face and post it with some sassy caption about how my day has been. Why write this if I don't care about likes? I hear you ask! Well, because I like to question things. I am curious. Do people follow other people on social media just to be nosey? That doesn't sit well with me for some reason. 

I guess it's hard for me to create stuff I am really proud of, write things that come straight from the heart and then get no response. I think it's hard for me because even though alot of you don't know me IRL, alot of you do and yet I still get no response or reaction. I am only human and I guess on my worst days I just need acknowledgement and validation. Maybe I'm just not posting what you guys want to see me post. Which is why I always ask at the end of each post to let me know what you think. I truly want to know so that I can adapt, adjust and evolve into a blogger that totally understands her followers and caters her posts to you all. Maybe you just don't relate to what I have to say. Maybe you just hate selfies. Which is all fine and dandy but I would just like to know which it is so that I can be a better blogger. Ultimately, that's always the goal. 

So, a word of advice, from a blogger who loves her small but magnificent following. Be more social on social media! If you love something that someone has written, comment and let them know that their time was not wasted! If you think someone's Insta is total #lifegoals go ahead and like their photos and send them little heart-eye emojiis. If you think someone's Facebook page is hilarious and inspirational, tell them so because you might just make someone's day! Let's all continue to support each other but in a less "silent follower hidden likes" type of way but a more vocal, interactive and SOCIAL way. For those of you who are my most amazing, supportive, interactive followers please don't go anywhere. I love getting feedback from you all, I love our conversations and when you tell me how much you loved something I have posted it not only means the world to me but it makes me want to keep going at this! Thank you! 

Let me know what you think about this subject. Are you a silent follower? If so why do you prefer to follow in that way? Do you let your favourite social media accounts know how much you love them? If so why do you do this? Also, any advice on why I'm left feeling so deserted recently would be appreciated...what would you like to see more/less of on my social media accounts?! Comment below, start a conversation with me :) 

Ps. Shout out to Natalie who did comment on a post on my blogs fb page saying some truly lovely things. You spurred me on to publish this post. Your words meant alot to me so thank you, you are my Woman Crush Wednesday! 

Peace, love and Asbos. Xxx


  1. As a fellow blogger I can so relate to this! I wish people would be more social on social media, the aim of my blog is to create a community but it's so difficult. I'm finding conversation is possible...Just a shame it takes a lot of effort to get it going, stick at it though! Your blog is lovely x

    1. Thank you so much for this and for your kind words! It really is an uphill battle but I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end! I will check out your blog now :) xxx