Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Send me nudes!

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So today's post is a totally unplanned bit of a rant. I am just sat here scrolling through my social media accounts after a lovely morning swim and all I keep coming across are 2 things. The first are posts about International Women's Day and how amazing that is and there's inspirational girl power quote pics everywhere. The second is the pure outrage that has been sparked by Kim Kardashian's latest nude photos. What an ironic contrast.

Now some of you may not even know who KimK is or what these photos look like and that's fine and it is also proof that if you don't want to look at photos of her you definitely can achieve that on your social media accounts by unfollowing certain things or yano just good old fashioned looking away. I however, have not been able to avoid the photos on my personal accounts and that's fine by me. What is not fine by me though is the comments section. Dear god why do I ever read the comments section?!?!?! 

People are up in arms, outraged and downright furious that Kim has decided to post another nude photo. They are angry for many reasons but the most common reason of all seems to be that she is a wife and mother. Now, forgive me if I'm wrong, because I am neither of those things yet but I was always under the impression that when you get married or have kids you are still a person. Still a woman. Still a human. Still a living, breathing, feeling thing that has a body and can be naked. Amiright?! If she has had two children and still looks that amazing and feels amazing enough to show us all her naked body then I have nothing but admiration for her. Bravo KimK! You go girl! Happy International Women's Day to you too! 

The second reason people are so mad about the nude shots is that they just think it is "disgusting", "trashy", "inappropriate", "vile" etc etc for a woman to post a photo of herself undressed. I just don't understand this at all. What about her being naked in a photo on her own Instagram effects your life?! I couldn't care less who posts nude photos online because I'm just here living my own life worrying about my own body. Does that make me crazy?! I cannot possibly phathom being so outraged by a nude celeb that I would spend my time sending that person such hateful comments. Maybe I'm just the odd one out. Or maybe, just maybe if we all stop looking at the female body as something to be ashamed of or something that can only be sexualised when nude then MAYBE we won't all be so shocked and hurt by a photo of a beautiful naked woman.

Kim isn't posing in a particularly pornographic manner. Her pose is not vulgar or insinuating, she is just stood there. Nude. I get that we all have different filters and we will all be offended by different things but if you just saw it as what it is- a naked woman, how could it possibly make you so infuriated? We must all learn to remember that whilst modesty is liberating for some women, nudity is liberating for others. Both are ok. Both are fine. Both are not for you to judge. If you don't want to see celebs nude then just unfollow the accounts that share the photos and scroll past them on your news feed. It really is that simple. I get that the Kardashians are "everywhere" BUT I know alot of people who have tailored their social media accounts so that they don't get anything Kardashian related clogging up their news feed. It can be done. So do it. 

I personally quite like the Kardashians (which is something we can debate another time) but this goes for all women. Naked women are not offensive. Mothers and wives can still be and feel sexy, can still be naked and can still post naked photos if they so wish. And finally, on International Women's Day let us all remember one thing- to praise, respect and lift up ALL women. Not just those whom you personally feel are worthy of it because of your own system of beliefs. We need to stick together and stop tearing each other apart because of what we personally believe a woman should be like/look like/ behave like. A woman is a woman. That's good enough for me.

Happy International Women's Day!

Peace&love xxx

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