Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Novelty Bags...

Hey lovelies!!!

So today I wana do a quick post about novelty bags. I love them so much! I just think they are so cute and so much fun and although I've always loved them they've only really started to show up in more shops this year. As it's Christmas soon I thought now would be a great time to share with you all some of my own novelty bags and then show you some of the ones I'm asking Santa for, for Christmas. Christmas goes hand in hand with anything novelty in my books so here we go.....

My own novelty bags....

So that is my little collection and I know a couple of them aren't as definitely novelty as others but I think they are all quite quirky and different to your average bag.
Mickey Mouse bag: Primark
Black pom pom bag: ASOS
Unicorn tears cup bag: Skinnydip London from Topshop
Chocolate bar bag: New Look from ASOS
Unicorn bag: New Look from ASOS
Pink fluffy box bag: TK Maxx
Mermaid bag: New Look
Union Jack bag: TK Maxx

Santa Baby, slip a novelty bag under the tree...for me...I've been an awful good girl...

 So these fab 4 are all from Skinnydip London which is my favourite brand for novelty bags...I mean look at them!!! I want them alllll!

 This next foursome are all available from ASOS. The cat, shell and planet ones are all made by Skinnydip London again but are currently defo available from ASOS and the cute little ice lolly is made by New Look but again is currently available on ASOS and we all know how much I adore ASOS....

I couldn't do a novelty bag post less than 10 days before Christmas (cue excitement and sheer panic) without including some beautiful Christmas novelty bags! These are again all currently available from ASOS but the tree one is down to low stock because.... well look how cute it is!

So there you have it, my quicky post about my own novelty bags and the ones I am wishing for this Christmas (take the hint boyf). Maybe I will do an updated version of this in the new year including my new ones that I get for Christmas (getting the hint, boyf?!)

Hope you like it! Which one is your favourite? Where should I check out for new novelty bags other than ASOS, Skinnydip and New look?! Let me know in the comments section!

Peace, love and the novelty that won't wear off xxx

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