Friday, 30 October 2015

Halloween Inspo...

There are 2 types of girls on Halloween. Type A dresses as boobilicious Dorothy or a skimpy nurse and looks gorgeous and sexy all night. Type B covers themselves in fake blood and guts and goes as something really horrific. Although I don't think I've ever looked grotesque for Halloween because gore is not my favourite thing I am certainly no Type A. I go all out. One of my "prettiest" costumes was Poison Ivy but I had the long red wig, the green catsuit, I had body paint and face paint and blood and fake lenses and peacock eyelashes on. I go all out. I like to look scary still. It's Halloween after all. However, last year I branched out and made a Halloween Lookbook vlog.... 

I am still sooooo proud of it and although I cannot make one this year I still wanted to give my readers some festive Inspo for the fashionista Halloweeners amongst you. I have included some day time looks for if you just want to go out with your mates or boyf and feel festive (perfect for if you're visiting any horror attractions this season and don't want to be in an uncomfortable fancy dress outfit all day). I have included some night time outfits for if you are going out on the night of Halloween and want to look hot as hell whilst still feeling Halloweeny and I have included looks that you could wear for a girly night in watching Hocus Pocus and getting drunk on Pizza and Wine. I feel I have covered all options here, even if i do say so myself!

On to the looks...

Day time looks....

 Look 1 is inspired by 101 Dalmatians because as we all know I'm a Disney geek. I thought this would look so cute during the day for a trip to a theme park with your mates for some good scares. The bag, shoes and ears are all from ASOS and the top is Lazy Oaf which you can buy from ASOS. Put some black jeans on and voila cute and festive!

 Look 2 is also perfect for a Halloween day trip. The leggings, jumper and hat are perfectly themed but will keep you warm in this awful October weather. The shoes are bang on trend whilst also being colour co-ordinated to the hat and festive at the same time!

Day or Night....

Ahhh the classic black cat! Simple yet effective. With heels and red lips it will look lovely at night and with tights, a coat and some ankle boots you could wear it all day. Fashionable, cute and Halloween ready!

This is one of my favs! Space Girl realness! I thought the jacket, skirt, tee and shoes would look cool and unqiue for a day time look or put a fancy little crop top with the skirt and jacket, add some metallic night time makeup and you are ready for a night out as an awesome space chick.

Night time looks...
 If I had been able to film a new Halloween Lookbook I was going to wear this red dress with those heels and the lips bag and wear bright red contact lenses and have some blood dripping from my mouth. Sexy AF! 

Bunnies are also somehow a Halloween classic, I guess because they're so easy to do you just add some ears to a dress and you're sorted but I thought what's hotter than a black lace bunny?! Not much! 

Comfy looks...

 Pop some black leggings on, this long tee and those glittery boots and there you have it. Ultimate Halloween comfort. I thought I would originally put this look in with the day time looks but the top I believe is actually a pj top/dress soooo here it is in comfy looks. I personally would wear that top out with those boots but thats just me. Either way it's cool, comfy and perfectly Halloween.

How comfy and cute is this?!?!??!! That jumper dress, those earrings, hair in a messy bun, fluffy slippers and copious amounts of Pizza Wine and Hocus Pocus= the perfect Halloween girls night in!

So there you have it! Halloween inspo for all occasions that can be put together last minute. All of the items shown are from ASOS because they just get my Halloween Fashion needs. Let me know which look is your favourite and comment below what you are going out as this Halloween!

Peace, Love and ghouls and ghosts and pumpkins xxx


  1. I love the bunny outfit, that gothic dress is perfect for halloween!

    Maddie Elizabeth

    1. Thank you Maddie :) i thought so too! Glad you liked it xx