Friday, 31 July 2015

Paris. Day 3...


Day 3 in Paris was spent back at Disneyland but this time we went into the Disney Studios park. We met the Incredibles and we took the tour of the studios seeing some of the special effects and props they use in the movies. That was pretty cool. There were a fair few movie/simulator type rides here because of it being the studios but they were all quite good and we had a great time!

The theming in the Toy Story section was really impressive with loads of giant toys and giant fairy lights hung up everywhere i can imagine it being a child's dream land! In the evening we decided to take a stroll through the Disney Village which is packed with Disney stores, restaurants, bars and shows. We spent a ridiculous amount on Disney merch for ourselves and our loved ones (but mainly ourselves) and then decided to have dinner at Planet Hollywood. Inside, again, the theming was really impressive with all the movie memorabilia hanging everywhere but the staff and the food let it down again. Sad face. We just really didn't have a good time in here even though we loved our meal at the Planet Hollywood in Disneyworld Florida (which is why we chose to go back in and try the Paris one!).

We finally left the land of Disney at around 10pm and decided to head back to our hotel as we had been out since 8am and were knackered! A lovely third day in Paris!

Peace & Love xxx

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