Sunday, 26 July 2015

Paris. Day 2...

And then my camera died on me so expect the quality of the photos to considerably decline :(


Hey guys!

So i'm guessing you know already where we spent our 2nd day in Paris....Disneyland!!!

We purchased our his and hers mouse ears and wore them with pride around the main park all day. One obligatory photo with the castle and some lovely snaps of the famous rides later and we were ready for lunch. We ate at an old saloon themed restaurant where you order and pay before you enter the restaurant itself. Sorry but I can't for the life of me remember the name of the place. Inside there was a big stage in front of us with a lovely gentleman singing and playing the piano for us the whole time and he was extremely entertaining for the kids and for the adults! I must admit this was one of my favourite and most memorable dining experiences from our whole time in Paris.

Next, we wandered over to where Pooh Bear would be doing meet & greets as he is one of my favourite ever Disney characters and the whole time we were in Florida in 2012 we never saw him once *sob*. BUT it meant the boyf could kick up no fuss this time about lining up to meet him. I was pleasantly surprised with Pooh himself. Whoever was his "friend" that day did an amazing job and I went straight into 5 year old Jessica mode giggling and talking about honey with him! 
TOP TIP: If you want to catch any of the meet and greets/parades/shows then pick up a "whats on" brochure that are often kept with the park maps. This will tell you where to go and at what times in order to make sure you don't miss out on any magic!

We spent the afternoon going on the haunted mansion ride and wandering around the Alice in Wonderland maze which was all great fun. We got ourselves some lovely ice creams and then went and sat by the marked lines outside ready for the character parade. It was a complete accident that during the time we were queueing for ice creams right outside they had set up the lines for where the parade would be. RESULT! We were right at the front and I got many a blown kiss/high 5 from my favourite characters. Don't judge.

As you probably saw up above half way through the day my camera died so I had to use my phone to catch the magic so I apologise for the dreadful quality of those pics. Also, there would be many more photos of the parade if my phone hadn't then also quit at life and filled up it's memory. Sods law.

I must admit, after having been to Disney world Florida a few years back, Disneyland Paris just didn't quite live up to my expectations. I knew going into it that Paris was alot smaller and that wasn't the problem. The problem was that during our time in Florida every member of staff we came across was amazingly helpful and friendly and in Paris...they just...weren't. Also, other than the place we had lunch the standard of places to eat and the food itself wasn't as good and the whole park was nowhere near as clean or well kept. Which made us sad.

I don't want to end this on a bad note so I will say that we still had a great time because we are very much those "it will be what you make it" type of people and lets face it we are....Disney freaks. 

I hope you like my lil collection of photos from Day 2 in Paris and please comment below on your experiences at Disneyland!

Peace, Love & Disney xxx 


  1. Absolutely loved this post! iv been to disneyland paris a few times and loved it! im going to disneyland in california next week and this post made me so excited for it! thank you haha xx

    1. Ahh thats so exciting! I've never been to the one in California! Hope it was magical! Thank you for the comment glad u liked my post :) xx