Thursday, 4 June 2015

Body Mods= No job?!

Hello there.

Today's post is a rant. Get ready bitches.

Let me first explain these two photographs of my face. The photo on the Left was taken at London Fashion Week in 2014. Notice the facial expression. Happy. Smiley Smiley Carol Smiley. The photo on the right was taken the day I had my hair changed from beautiful blue to dull and dark. Notice the facial expression. Not Happy. Pouting and posing for the selfie because it was the debut of my new hurr YES but happy it is not. 

Let me break it down for you. At the end of 2012 I went from naturally very dark brown hair to platinum blonde. Something I had allllways wanted to try. I have my best friend to thank for me finally taking the plunge but that's another story. Over the next year and a half I had pink hair, lilac hair, silver hair, grey hair, green hair and my favourite of all- blue hair. To some it may just be hair yes but genuinely the feeling I got when I dyed my hair blue was like no other. It felt! The first thing I said afterwards was why wasn't I born with blue hair?! I LOVED it and I loved how it made me feel. For the first time in a long time I felt completely and utterly like myself. The few months I had blue hair were the most positive I have ever been about myself. The most I have ever liked myself and the way I looked. It was great and I had no intentions of changing it any time soon.

Then I was jobless. Yes that happens when you are a performer. For a couple of months I was unemployed and so I went on a rampant job search as my money ran out. I got a job. I had blue hair and I got a job. A good job too that I was really proud of. A condition of the job- no unnatural hair colours. FUCK. A job, wages, income,living or my hair, pride, happiness and self love. I had no choice at the time but to take the job. I have regretted it ever since. Not the job itself but the changing my hair bit. The picture on the right up there was taken the night I finally went back to the dark side. It was a long, damaging and EXPENSIVE process and I left in tears. I didn't recognise myself. I hated it. I felt so dull, so boring and so not like myself. Since then I truly haven't liked the way I look as much as I did with the blue hair. I still don't. I don't relate to it.

So here comes the rant. WHY THE FUCK in 2015 are any companies allowed to discriminate against those with coloured hair or tattoos or piercings?!?!?! If I am perfectly capable and qualified to do the job in the first place and it turns out that I am also excellent at that job in every way why on earth does it matter if I have blue hair or pink hair or a nose piercing or a tattoo?! I have now had like 20 plus jobs in my life and all but one of them has this awful rule that you can't have unnatural hair or tattoos on show. What a load of old fashioned shite. 

Imma address your idiotic arguments against this before you even tell me them:

1. It looks unprofessional.
Does it?! I am an open minded, smart young woman and I don't bat an eyelid at the people who I come into contact with at their workplaces looks. I don't even notice if Shirley who works in ASDA serves me and has green hair. I don't mind if Tom who works in the bank has a couple of tattoos on show. What IS unprofessional is when people are hired because they don't look this way but they are totally inept at their jobs. Like when Sally who works as a receptionist and has natural mousey brown hair and no body mods is rude over the phone, has stains down her uniform and can't actually do her job properly. To you I say- don't be so old fashioned and shallow. Looks aren't everything. Professionalism is and should be more about your actions at work and less about your looks.

2. It is offensive.
Unless Patsy who works in the post office has FUCK YOU tattooed on her forehead this is ridiculous. How on earth can coloured hair offend you?! Your stupidity offends me! And now I'm being childish....but this is my blog! But seriously how do you even live in 2015 if something that simple offends you? Get with the times and toughen up a bit pleaseandthankyou.  

3. The company might want a certain look for their brand.
HA! If a company like Tesco came out and publicly said the look I want for my brand is thin, blonde, under 20 with massive tits we would all think it was a sick joke and there would be outrage. Why then is it ok for a brand to say they want all their employees to have un marked skin, no piercings and brown, black or blonde hair?! Answer is- IT IS NOT OKAY!

4. You chose to look like this. Get another job!
Why should I have to choose? Why in 2015 can people not look exactly the way that they want to that makes them feel happy and secure and also work in a job that they are fully qualified to do? Does it not seem ridiculous that we have to choose one or the other? Touchy subject but weight is often something we have control over and yet if you were not hired because of your weight again there would be outrage because that is discrimination!

This whole post came about because one of my all time favourite bloggers Helen Anderson posted a link on her FB today about a lady who works in CO-OP being asked to wear a wig to cover her pink hair and wear plasters over her piercings and cover her tattoos after 8 years of working there. The points I have made above are what were most commonly written in the comment section of her post by people sticking up for Co-op. I was outraged. This is coming from me- a girl with natural dark hair (sob) and no tattoos and only her ears pierced, You don't have to be the same as the person discriminated against in order to feel the injustice. 

I pray for a day that you can have any job you want AND look exactly how you wish because the bottom line is and always will be that if you are qualified and perfectly capable of doing the job there is no reason for your looks to play a part in them hiring you. NOT AT ALL. I feel so strongly about this because I would be a much happier person if I could have my funky hair back and get the tattoos I want done and still keep my jobs. Why can't we have it all?! 

Of course there are some exceptions to the rule. For example as an actress I am not expecting to get a role in a show set 100 years ago and rock out on stage with bright blue hair and plugs in my ears- unless of course it was written that way then rock on! I know that is not realistic and that is different altogether and is ok. However, my ability to work at co-op being friendly and helpful to guests, stacking shelves and using a till is in no way affected by my hair colour or what is on my skin. You see the difference?!

I feel like companies need to start being brave and leading the way saying to people look we are happy to hire Shirley and Tom based on their qualifications and abilities no matter what they look like. Patsy may need to cover up her FU tattoo first but if she is also qualified and able and willing to do that then she can hop on board too. However, Sally with your perfect natural looks you are actually shit at your job so goodbye please make way for some fabulous replacements. Companies need to start saying to their customers look we support people who look every which way because they are great at their jobs and if you don't like it shop elsewhere (which they won't because bitches be lazy). The more companies who do this the more it will be accepted to look however you choose and the less customers will be bothered by it because it will become the norm. HOW IS IT NOT ALREADY THE NORM...IT IS 2015!!!

It is 2015 if you didn't already know....haha 

I just genuinely cannot believe that this is still a "thing" these days. I really truly hope that by the time I have kids and they are old enough to work this kind of discrimination (and every other kind) will be a long gone thing of the past and we can all work hard at jobs we love and love ourselves because we look sassy and fabulous and exactly how we choose.

rant over.

Peace & Love xxx


  1. 1000% feel you on this. I'm just leaving school now and on the day of my last exam I'm planning to get half of my hair shaved off, I have a lot of people trying to talk me out of it but I want to be me, I want to fee like me. I wil probaly dye it too but I want to get used to one hair mod before I do another.
    Yet if I'd have done this in school I would've been expelled. Kicked out of school for funny coloured hair, a place that's supposed to nurture young people's growth and individuality. yeah ok.
    I know it will be hard for me to get a job with half a head of hair and even harder when it's dyed but I really hope people come round to it. I get that if someone had their whole face pierced or had something offensive tattooed then it's not appropriate for work but people need to move forward. Life would be so much more interesting and happy if everyone could do what they want with their body.
    I hope you can go back to your happy blue haired self soon! <3

    The Quirky Queer

    1. Thank you so much for your comment glad you liked the post! I wish you the best with all your hair endeavours and don't let anyone tell you there's something you cannot do because of the way you look! Xxx