Saturday, 21 March 2015

Life's too short.

Hello Darlings!

This is a totally impromptu post that I didn't at all plan but have found myself writing. Excuse the bad quality phone photo, I have used it for a reason. That's me there in the sea. In the sea in Cornwall on a beach I have been going to for as long as I can remember. It is my happy place. The night that photo was taken me and the boyf had been on our annual getaway to my family's place at the beach to soothe our souls. Cornwall always soothes my soul. I love everything about it. The sea air, the lack of a Mcdonalds or Starbucks on every corner, the fact that it is the only place I will spend the entire week with no makeup on wearing an old hoody and sandals and feel completely and overwhelmingly comfortable and happy. Happy is the key word here. That's what this post is all about. But here I am rambling again. This night we had gone to the beach to watch the sunset. We got there and were convinced it had already happened as the sky came over very dark all of a sudden. Sad and disappointed we turned around to go home and then out came this golden beam of joy and without thinking I ran into the sea. Fully clothed but bare foot. I just ran and when I got into the icy waves I realised I had no plan for what to do next but as I thought that I saw that the boyf had followed me in. We messed around like little kids splashing each other and trying to "run from the waves" (only me who played that game as a kid?! right!). I was unbelievably happy. Happy like I don't know if I had ever been before. It was a new kind of happy. I was comfortable and relaxed my soul had been soothed and I got caught up in a moment of what the heck. My clothes were drenched and I was freezing (This was in November) but I did not care.

Life is meant for those moments. I am not a preacher or a teacher and I'm not at all here to lecture you but I want to encourage whoever is reading this to act on a whim sometimes. A lot of the time. Trust your instincts. Listen to your gut. Let yourself be unashamedly happy for as many moments as you can because to feel that way ever in your life is wonderful and makes you a very lucky individual. 

Life is so short. Too short. Life is too short to be miserable.

Please stop worrying. Please stop running yourself into the ground with stress. These are words for myself as much as they are for you. Be brave. Make decisions based on your happiness. It is okay to do that. There will be people who tell you to continue being unhappy because it is the sensible thing or the logical thing to do. You don't always have to listen. Let me be the other voice in your ear. I have experience in these matters. I follow my heart. Always. I make brave and brash decisions based on my happiness and never once have I lived to regret them. Yet. Of course I don't know what is to come but I could die tomorrow and hey I would die happy. Would you?! 

If you are still not convinced look at it this way. I always ask myself "will I be worrying about this on my death bed?!" OR "would I regret that on my death bed?!" Morbid, I know but that's just the way I am and 9 times out of 10 the answer will be a big fat huge happy NO. No you won't regret blowing some of your money right now on your dream car because it makes you happy right now. No you will not regret leaving the job that makes you miserable just because you don't have another plan. No you will not regret running into the freezing sea in November and laughing your tits off with the person you love just because your clothes are wet and you are cold. 

So I as much as I am not trying to encourage everyone being irresponsible I am most definitely trying to encourage us all putting our happiness first sometimes and knowing that it is ok to do so. Better than ok it is fucking excellent. You should be happy. I should be happy. Take that plunge. Do what your heart wants to do every now and then. Laugh your tits off. Just let yourself be happy. You will thank me later. 

Peace & Love xxxx


  1. beautiful post !!!

    xx nora
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  2. I live for those moments but they seem to come less and less often. I guess that's what they mean by growing up.


    1. Me too...although I often wonder, what if they happen just as often but we are just too caught up with life to fully notice/appreciate them now we are adults xxx