Wednesday, 3 December 2014


An unusual post today.

Those who are close with me know that I am going through alot of changes in my life right now. Alot is happening around me. I have made some big decisions and I have some big decisions to make still. I have been feeling quite frustrated and quite irritable....just kinda with...well everything. 

This must all sound really depressing and confusing and probably a bit vague but it does have relevance to you, my lovely readers. I have consciously decided to take a step back from blogging for a while. Not for forever, just until I get my mojo back. You see I only ever want to put out what i believe is really great material and right now I am not capable of producing stuff I am proud of. 

I have always adored blogging and vlogging. I still do. It has just gotten a bit lost inside me. I dream of one day being able to make a living from blogging and do it full time but I am well aware of the time and effort I would have to put in to achieve that. Right now I have no time and I have no energy. I have lost my passion and it makes me really sad.

I have been beating myself up for months now about not blogging/vlogging enough and I have finally come to the conclusion that It's okay. It is okay that life has taken a front seat and the internet has been politely asked to leave. Beating yourself up about anything gets you nowhere and I only have time for productive things right now. 

So I will be posting as often as I can so long as I feel the content is good enough for my lovely readers. It may not be until the new year. We will have to wait and see. I hope to get my passion back asap and be back posting weekly but It's not possible at this moment in time.

Hope this all makes sense and doesn't come across too dramatic/confusing/depressing. I still appreciate every single one of my followers!!!!

Today's outfit was like most of my outfits right now. Simple. It seems as my life gets more complicated my clothes get more and more minimal.  

Speak to you all soon lovelies :)

Peace & Love xxx


  1. Of course ! It's What everyone should do. Blogger has to really realise it is not real Life ... Even though sometimes you meet some incredible nice people :)


  2. First of all the pictures look great and I loved the outfit. Second, I completely understand you, when it comes to change I also get kinda nervous but you should keep in mind that sometimes changes bring amazing things and it's the only way to move forward !:)

  3. I've done the same for the past few weeks and am so excited to get back into it blogging again! a little break does a lot of good! xx

  4. Very nice, interesting and cheerful.
    If you can follow me back

  5. love it all! specialy those boots* Let's follow each other on GFC and G+? :)