Friday, 1 August 2014


I get called mouthy alot. What does that word even mean? I have a big mouth? I have too much mouth? I have alot of mouth? Or could it possibly mean that actually I just know how to use it.

My whole life I have been told "it may benefit you to keep quiet sometimes." Or "you need to learn when to shut up". Well to that I say no. I am not an offensive person. I have been bought up with manners and always told to be polite, kind and helpful. However, I have also been told to stick up for myself. I very much so have one of those Dads who says things like "don't you dare start a fight... but if someone starts on finish it!" That sounds super aggressive but he just meant that I should never let anyone walk over me. For the sentiment I thank him, and my Mum. 

I am not one to let people walk over me. I am also not one to let people talk down to me. If I am wrong I will admit I am wrong (unless in a row with the boyf over who ate the last cookie). No but seriously I have no problem holding my hands up and saying yup my bad I messed up and I am sorry. I have no qualms about admitting that I don't understand things either. I have never been one of those people who will argue a ridiculous point to sound more intelligent on a matter than I actually am. If I don't understand I will ask for help or an explanation. 

Am I babbling? 

This is going somewhere. Today I did what I do best. I stuck up for myself. I remained calm and collected and walked away to gain perspective before reacting but then I stuck up for myself. It was an awkward one because it was in a professional setting..and no I won't go into the who and where but this last week I have been treated pretty badly and I have bitten my tongue. Those phrases swimming around my head about how I should learn when to shut up. Maybe now was the time to learn. Maybe today I should rise up like a silent phoenix and take everyone's advice.

I didn't. 

I spoke my mind. And I am glad I did. Why on earth are we all so scared of saying how we really feel. Or saying what we really think. If all of us remain silent no one would ever speak out against injustice. Admittedly, I was not doing anything world changing or life saving. However, I was being brave. I had the courage to ignore what most people say I should behave like and go with my instinct. I stuck up for myself even though it could have been massively awkward.

Am I a little nervous about the repercussions? Yes. Do I regret sticking up for myself? No. And I never will. Looking back on all the times I was told to keep quiet and all the times I spoke out anyway, I could not be more proud of the person I am. I am outspoken. If I see wrongdoing I will say something. If you speak to me in a way that I do not deem as respectful or polite then I will challenge you on it. 

I am never rude. I am not aggressive or nasty. But I stick up for myself and ladies and gents, I encourage you all to do the same in any way you can. I deserve better. You deserve better. Silence will not get us anywhere.

I know this post is a little different from what I usually blog about. Okay a lot different. I just want to start being more honest with all my amazing followers. Let you all into my mind as well as my wardrobe. Today's mind is a little scrambled and ranty and I am sorry if you wanted a lovely new dress to look at. I hope that one person somewhere reads this and gets the courage to stick up for themselves in a sensible way in order to make their life a little more dandy.

Peace&Love xxxx


  1. I am surprised that for once no body has commented this post ... Its like the n'est you Ever wrote !
    Its so true.
    Its so What I claim and try to stick it into the mi ds of the ladies...
    Because Im not as confident as you are by being mouthy I'd wish I were !

    So Well done , Jess !
    Love From Paris.


    1. Thank you so much! It's nice to know that I'm not alone in feeling these things. You should always trust your instincts and be confident in your feelings and also your decisions. xxx