Friday, 4 July 2014

Current Obsession

Hello Sweethearts!

Today's post combines two of my current obsessions:

Shirt Dresses



(Yes I am a blogger addicted to Holo still. Aren't we all?!)

I know I slightly resemble Homer Simpson in his lovely moo moo thing BUUUTT I don't care.

This dress is breezy, comfy beautifullness and I am obsessed with it. I had the jumpsuit in the same pattern and I wore it to LFW earlier this year but sadly it fell apart and I had to take it back. I found this dress in the Last Chance To Buy section and there was only one and it was my size. It was fate. I had to have it.

I wanted to keep everything else really simple so that the dress was the main focus in all it's glory! These amazing shoes were from Primark. PRIMARK! I know right?! They look exactly like all the other, much more expensive, versions that can be found on Missguided or My 1st wish etc. They are also very very comfy and I am also very much obsessed with them.

Life is weird at the moment and I am sorry that I haven't posted another video in what feels like forever but each time I shoot it I end up thinking it's just not right. I only want to put out the best content for you guys. Thank you all for your support so far though and I pinky swear there will be more vlogs coming soon!

Peace, Love & Current Obsessions xxx


  1. Hahah, you made me laugh out loud again :-D I love shirt dresses too (just sitting here in a pink one from Lazy Oaf while writing) and I couldn't hold myself when I read that you compare yourself with Homer Simpson and his moo moo. Just hilarious! Love the look. Easy to wear but stunning. The "I don't care" attitude suits you so very well. Kisses

    1. Haha I thought I would write it before someone comments it lol omg I am obsessed with lazy oaf! Thank you as always for your lovely words :) xxx

  2. Love this outfit, and the shoes are so cool! Love your writing as well! :)

    x leah symonne x

    1. Awhh thank you so much! I want to start writing on my blog alot more so that is really kind and encouraging of you :) xx

  3. Great look!

  4. Hi dear !

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    Thanks already & Let me know :)

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