Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Spring has Sprung...


Hey Lovelies!
Just a quick little OOTD post because I'm super busy at the moment with my new job (sorry guys). How much are we all loving that Spring is here?! Its getting warmer, blossom is out in full force on all the trees and bumblebees are floating around causing me to scream like a mad lady.
The sun was shining, my hair was bouncy and so it just felt so right to put on my gorgeous lemon co-ord. I have posted about the skirt before because as soon as I saw it I fell in love and wanted to show you guys. Sadly the top had sold out but then I hit the fashion blogger jackpot when I saw the top on Ebay in my size! What are the chances?!
I absolutely love the way it looks together and especially with my bright turquoise hair and some pink lippy! I kinda feel like a 50's diner waitress when I wear it. In a good way! It would be in one of those diners you see in films where the waiting staff all wear roller-skates and petticoats. Oh man why wasn't I around back then!?
Both Co-ords and shades of yellow are big deals right now so I don't wana take this ensemble off at the moment. It was from Topshop, my shoes are from Miss Selfridge and my necklace was also from Topshop a while ago. It looks super cute with a jumper thrown on over the top with the little yellow collar on show when it gets colder.
Anyways I hope your week has been tremendous so far and continues to be so. As always lemme know what you think and tell me what era you wish you could have been around in!
Stay Fabulous!
Peace, love & Spring Fling Co-ords xxx


  1. I have this top but never knew there was a matching skirt, you have styled it so so well!

    1. Ahh yeah I think the top came out first and then the skirt so thats how I missed out on the top originally haha but thank you :) xx

  2. oooo cute look for Spring x

  3. First of all, I love your hair. Second, I do really love this vibrant colour of your outfit! xx