Sunday, 9 March 2014

Brand New Obsession...

I am here to tell you all about my biggest obsession right now.
Picture for me; Sully from Monsters Inc., the most on trend shade of baby blue and socks with your favourite sweets printed on them.
I know right. It's like a dream. And there is a brand out there called Somewhere Nowhere who encapsulate all of these wonderful, dreamy things and have made some freakin amazing clothes out of it all.
More in a bit, I feel like you just HAVE to see the clothes and accessories RIGHT NOW (if you haven't already heard of them of course)

You can find Somewhere Nowhere here.
They have just launched their S/S14 Collection which is absolutely fabulous and as soon as I get paid I shall be buying a whole load of shizz from their website! It really is like someone took all of my childhood favourite things and current favourite things, mashed them together and this was the outcome. I haven't been this excited about a clothing brand in soooo long!
On their website it says,
"Who are they? They dreamed of candy floss and marshmallow, belivers of unicorns, and don't forget their friendship with the rainbows."
Seriously?! Did they see inside me soul!?
And their tag line is,
‘May the power of rainbows and unicorns be with you’.
Gahh! I couldn't love them more. But I will stop gushing and let you go and browse their amazing website linked above! I will just leave you with a snap from their new collection to make you drool...
Peace, Love and New Obsessions xxx


  1. I love your colorful style and your original choices!


    1. Thank you thats such a lovely thing to say xx