Thursday, 6 February 2014

LUST LIST: Monochrome Magic!

Today I am lusting after...
I never normally get excited by the monochrome trend that seems to rear its boring head every now and then. However, this year feels different. Maybe its me...(monochrome does look good with my turquoise hair) but I cant help feeling like something has changed. Monochrome has been made interesting. The same two colours but in new prints and new fabrics and new cuts. Brands and Designers seem to be thinking outside of the box with this trend in 2014 and I like it. I like it a lot. These are my top 10 monochrome magic items that are on my love/want/need lust list. I will list where they are from and then also give you the direct links to each item. Coz I'm nice like that :)
1. Daisy print playsuit- Boohoo 
2. Faux fur snood-  River Island
3. Beautiful black maxi dress- Coco Fennell
4. Black lace WEIRDO crop top- LazyOaf
5. White chunky cut out boots- River Island
6. Gingham playsuit- Boohoo
7. Daisy chain necklace- River Island
8. Long sleeve playsuit - ASOS
9. Black head chain- River Island
10. Daisy crop top- Missguided
 Hope ya like them! What have YOU been lusting after today?! Let me know in the comments box below!
Peace, Love & Monochrome Magic xxx
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  1. You are so right....monochrome DOES look suddenly fresh! Btw, loving your delicious turquoise tresses! xo

    1. Im glad you agree Maddie and thank you! I think I should've been born with blue locks! haha xx

  2. Replies
    1. I must admit I have been converted and I love it now too! x