Thursday, 9 January 2014

My Fav Bloggers right now...

So I have wanted to put together a post like this for way too long but like everything in my life i find it hard to choose! However, i have decided that i will just pick some of the blogs i have been most inspired by recently and then i can use all of the other blogs i love in another post like this next month or something. Do i smell a monthly recurring blog post coming on?!
I have seen a lot of these kind of posts in the blogosphere recently and although i normally try to steer away from what the masses are doing right now i actually think its a really lovely refreshing thing to see. By that i mean positivity within the blogosphere. Ladies praising other ladies. Giving kudos where kudos is deserved. Far too often the blogging world is surrounded by competitive streaks and jealousy and far too often in the normal world women want to bring down other women. Maybe the new year is seeing in a new positive, supporting side to blogging and i for one want to be a part of the love sharing.
There are sooo many bloggers i admire and blogs that inspire me for loads of different reasons but the ones i have chosen for this post are the ones i have been taking inspiration from the most recently. I think i will make this a monthly thing actually. Share the love on a frequent basis. See if we can keep the positive vibes alive all year!
So anyhoo onto the good shizz....
1. Up first is a lovely lady i only came across recently but my god is she cool. Her name is Edie and she blogs about the amazing clothes she wears, her adorable illustrations and her inspirations, which by the way pretty much sum up everything i am inspired by. I love her blog because it so unashamedly her. D'ya know what i mean?! I love when you first go on a blog and can immediately see what makes that person helps if what makes them tick is super cool stuffs too!
You can find Edie blogging here:

2. Next up is an adorable little lady who i have admired since i first stumbled onto her blog. Her name is Helena and her blog is so perfectly neat. Her style is eclectic but always wonderfully put together and the way she writes makes her come across as just a normal, lovely lass. Helena is my go to girl for wearing different textures and making it seem effortless #textureinspo. No-one rocks faux fur with sequins and leather quite like she can.
Find Helena blogging here:

3. When i first found Megan i was like errrhhmaggaaad a real life Disney Princess. Seriously. From her beautiful long red locks to her gorgeous pale skin and feminine sense of style, Megan quickly became my "how to dress like a lady" inspo. She gets it right every time. Perfect colour combos, beautiful hairstyles and the prettiest of clothes. What i love most about Megan's blog though is how honest she is with it (she shared her stunning wedding photos on her blog). Her lifestyle posts are always uplifting and beautifully shot. I could go on for days...
Find Megan blogging here:

 4. In at number four (this in in no particular order btw) is Lydia with her blog Fashion Influx. Lydia is the queen of "simple chic", yeah I made that phrase up, but her outfit posts really are always so simple and so chic. There is no fuss with Lydia. Always well pulled together with gorgeously natural hair and makeup but in no way boring. Her writing is also very natural and funny and she has just entered into the world of vlogging too so defo go find her on there!!

You can find Lydia blogging at:

5. Number five is one of my favourite bloggers of all time who goes by the name of Sara. I cant exactly remember when or how I found her blog but it was love at first sight. Sara comes across as the most lovely of ladies and her sense of style is impeccably unique. I love everything about her blog. Genuinely. Ok is it getting a bit creepy now....I'll stop but just make sure you go and check her out ok!!! Otherwise we cant be friends....soz :')

 Find Sara and her beautiful blog here:

6. Last but by no means least on todays list is the gorgeous Becky from MilkBubbleTea. Becky's blog is like a dream. A girly, clean, beautiful dream. One of my favourite things about MilkBubbleTea is that all of the posts are perfectly uniformed. She is my favourite "all rounder" at the minute with her stunning lifestyle posts, informative home d├ęcor posts, mouth watering recipes and lovely outfit posts. Her photographs are always clean, simple and stunning and she is a sucker for all things pretty and girly...just like me! Becky also comes across as an absolute sweetheart and has recently got a puppy called Oscar who will steal your heart!

Find Becky blogging at:


I really do hope you check them all out if you haven't already hit their following buttons. I also really do intend to keep this as a monthly thing. I'm thinking next month will be like an up and coming favourites list- like my favourite bloggers who (like me) have under 200 followers or something. People who I think deserve to have waaaay more than that. I also may do a favourite youtubers list too since I intend on becoming a vlogging queen soon. paha!

As always let me know what you think and lets all keep this positive love sharing a regular thing yeah!?

I have a very VERY exciting post coming up soon too so keep those peepers peeled!!!

Peace, Love and Blogging Beauties :) xxx


  1. I really enjoy posts like this. You're right, it is so lovely to see girls praising other girls for what they do!! Found some lovely new blogs to check out so thank you :) You have a new follower my dear :)

    Rachel [at] AMomentInTime.


    1. Thank you Rachel im glad you agree :) you are very welcome and thanks for following! Xx

  2. aww thank you so much for this, love what you wrote! and I agree, these posts are always refreshing and love how they spread positivity :) thanks again beaut xx

    1. You are very welcome! Thank you for taking the time to read it :) im glad you liked it xx

  3. WOW, Meagan's blog is amazing and she really does look like a real life Disney princess!
    I'm holding a MAC Giveaway at the moment and i'd love for you tom come take a look :)

  4. Oh My Gosh! Thank you so much for mentioning me on your blog! Your kind words make me so happy. I've had a look at your blog too and I have to say you've got style, girl! Keep up the good work, and thanks again. <3

    1. You are so welcome I honestly love your blog! Thank you for taking the time to read this and leave such a lovely comment! Xx

  5. Nice:) Would you like to follow each other? Leave a comment after you follow, I will follow you back asap:)
    ENTER Giveaway

  6. Ohhhh thank you so much for this flattering mention. This made me just grow a little ;-) I am so happy to be among those lovely ladies. I'll post the link on my Facebook page later on for sure. Lots of love and kisses, xxxxxxxx

    1. You are very welcome sweetie you know im a huge fan of yours :) thank you xx

  7. Great post! I love finding new blogs to follow! :) This makes it super easy!

  8. I love Lydia and Becky's blogs they're some of my favs to read :) Shall have to check out the others!
    Daniella x