Monday, 20 January 2014

Genie in a bottle baby...

I know what your thinking...coat on...coat off...jumper on....jumper off... well I was thinking it too as I put this post in order but my word the weather was changeable as we played in the woods. Lovely and dry but definitely changeable. Enough about the weather, what are we? British!?
Ok so today's look was some what (utterly and completely) inspired by young babyfaced Christina with her Genie in a bottle Video. I know she doesn't wear anything like this in it but I just felt like a Genie ok!? I blame my new Harem pants. I love them. I wear them day to day, I wear them to yoga classes, I wear them to dance classes and I wear them in my room whilst dancing to 90s classic pop tunes.
Enough about me and my weird ramblings how have you all been?! Well I hope!
Outfit Deets:
Jacket- Topshop
Fluffy jumper: Topshop
Magical Genie Harem pants: random market stall in Winchester
boots: River Island
White T shirt: Topshop
White spike necklace: Topshop
Scarf: Topshop
Woah a lot of toppers....all by accident too!
So I hope you like it and special kudos to my bestie Craig for gallivanting in the woods with me :)
Peace, Love, Yoga, Dancing and Magical Christina Genie Harem pants! xxx


  1. Genie in a bottle for captured the look perfectly

  2. This shoot is really cool ! I love your new blue hair suits extraordinarily yr jumper and everything is a sense of humor... Definitely love it !

  3. <3 You boo...
    Like always, incredible.x

    1. Finally your comment appears :) thank you boo xxx