Sunday, 15 December 2013

Out of the blue

Hello All!

So this fog came out of nowhere....or out of the blue as some would say....ha...ha...get it?! Thats the title of the post! never mind.

Hope you are all well and dandy. I am not. I am really unwell :( got an ulmighty cold that is making me a zombie! But on to brighter things...todays post is a casual one...i realised that i dont often post very casual outfits and so I have shot a few recently ready to be posted. I feel like i have lived and died in this outfit so it had to go first!

 Also....sorry for being so naff has sadly been getting in the way of blogging the last couple of months which is good in one respect because it means ive had work (yay) but i am going to try and post weekly now so you all must pinky promise to keep reading and leaving me your lovely comments :) 

Outfit deets:
Hat: topshop
Dress: topshop tall
Leggings: primark....they are amazeballs...they are fur lined! My legs have never been warmer!
Black top: h&m
Necklace: topshop
Cuff: charity shop
Boots: river island
Coat: topshop

I hope you all like it as much as i do and as always let me know what you think and go find me on twitter/insta/bloglovin. okie dokie?! 

                                                          Peace, love & blue fog for everyone xxx


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I think it might also be maternity wear haha doh!! Xx

  2. oooh love this look, the beanie is so cute and i love the dress! xo

    1. Ohh thank you Rachel :) when I bought them I was like yes! What.a.combo! Haha xx

  3. these photographs are so wonderful of you! i love your dress!

    lindsey louise

    1. Thank you Lindsey! I was trying out a different lense and I added a filter....I was happy with them so im glad someone else was too :) xxx