Monday, 28 October 2013

This is Halloween! This is Halloween....

There once was a girl with no name.
No agenda, but simply a game.
To sing a song and dance along.
And leave you never the same.

Tales and Rumours were strife
That she could be somebody's wife
If she was near, things would always be queer
I could swear that down on my life.

She'd be closer then further away
In one place she never could stay
She'd be to your left and then to your right
"She's a witch!", They all would say

The girl with no name loved to dance
She would sing and have a good prance
She could never be pinned, She'd be gone with the wind
Invisible, it seemed, at a glance

Her skin was as white as a ghost
Her eyes they feared the most
Two piercing holes to see into your souls
And a grin that monsters would toast

She could turn Autumn to Winter like that!
Her powers kept under her hat
Foes would fold as she made it turn cold
And she had 9 lives like a cat

The girl with no name was a lonely soul
The rumours and fear were taking their toll
She would play with her hair whilst she tried not to scare
Only jewels to fill up a great big hole

No one wanted the girl with no name
No one wanted to play her game
So she disappeared before things got weird
Because she knew she would never be tame.....
Although she went away that day
Some say she still comes out to play
In the dead of the night you might get a fright
Her spirit will always be here to stay

And if you don't see her that doesn't mean
You wont hear her voice sing and scream
So you may hear her call, but after all...
this is Halloween, this is Halloween.....


  1. You look stunning! X Anna

  2. Nice look ;)

  3. You look great! <3
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  4. great post! some really cool picturs. love that you've got your individual style - you look great! <3 <3

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    1. Thank you so much Jessica! Such lovely words! xx

  5. Cute look!

  6. Loving the outfit! Also you lipstick is lovely!


  7. Love this outfit! and such an amazing necklace!

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