Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Real Houswives of Hertfordshire....



Hello lovely, wonderful people!
So first things first. I owe you all an apology. Haven't blogged in what seems like forever and I have had all good intentions to do so but life kept getting in the way you know?! Also, since my last post was quite a doozy I didn't wana let you all down with something naff. So here is my "hoping you don't think I look naff" post. I'm still on the fence about it.
Here is my dilemma. I adore this skirt! Ever since I first laid eyes on it I needed its lemony goodness in my wardrobe! And so I bought it but in true Jessica fashion I didn't really think about what I had at home to go with it. I didn't care at the time, I just knew I needed the skirt.
I couldn't just team it with a plain white or black top. Too easy. Too obvious. I liked the idea of it with some sort of denim shirt but when I put it together in real life I decided it was better in my head.
And then I found this old stripey tee looking a bit neglected at the back of my drawer and the bright blue with the bright yellow was the perfect combo of contrasting colours and clashing prints. I loved it. Not sure it photographed as well as it looked if ya know what I mean!? Maybe it did. Maybe you will all love it like I did and I am just being a worry monster because I put too much pressure on myself to out-do my last post.
Maybe I care too much.
Such is life, but I do really love what this little blog has become and I want it to keep growing like it has been so please as always lemme know whatcha think of this OOTD and also what would you like to see more of on my blog?
Before I get to the "where froms" I wana take a second to say please excuse my yellowing hair and ghastly roots. I have been a little hobo recently so couldn't afford to get it sorted. Woe is me. Hair is all fresh to death again now thoughs so the next post you see I shall have lovely platinum non-rooty locks back!
Skirt of lemony goodness- Topshop
Old neglected tee- Internationale
Long beaded necklace- some random charity shop
Big sunnies for my big face-  H&M
Lace up tan heels- Miss Selfridge
Little lemon and pearl bracelet- Some random art gallery
Oh hey hey! One last thing?! Who likes my 90s half ponytail hairdo :D
Peace, Love and Real Housewives xxx


  1. great skirt i think it looks fab with that stripy top, i am useless at picking out outfits and seriously lack in origionality in the 'putting outfits together' area.

    great pics.



    1. Thank you Lisa :) im sure you are not as bad as you think you are! Just go with whatever you like the look of! Xx

  2. You look absolutely stunning! I love the skirt, it’s such a fab style. Love the blog too. Xx

  3. amazing look! love your skirt!

    Do you want to follow each other? Let me know!

    1. Thank you sweet :) I shall look at your blog now xx

  4. You look so cool! Now following you :)

    Would you take a look into my blog and follow if you like? :)



    1. Thank you Jess :) I will have a looksie now x