Thursday, 9 May 2013

Summer lovin had me a blast.

Hey lovely folk of the blogosphere!

Sorry ive been so naff at posting recently I have been busy and then ill and then busy again...I promise I have some totes amazeballs posts lined up for you though! 
*get exciiiiteed*

For is my first ever instagram/my week in pictures post!

All images were taken on my phone and they help sum up the best of my week...

1- me on my birthday last weekend/ 2- my favourite perfume that I got as a pressie

3- my amazing morning hair/ 4- Fluffy clouds LUSH bath bomb

5- pub lunch on bank holiday Monday with the fam/ 6-my nails this week

7- writing my dreams and goals in my fav notepad with my fav pen/ 8- cheeky dylan

9- my gym swag...matchy matchy/ 10- new gym traineees :)

11- bored before work/ 12- bought my fav magazine!!

13- snapping flowers in my mothers garden/ 14- feeding my neon obssession

15- feeding my new addiction to plums/ 16- cute bikini i got with my birthday money

17- wearing my birthday pressie cuff/ 18- snapping mummys tulips

19- deciding which bath bomb to use/ 20- found my rubber ducky with my gorgeous new skirt.

So its been an eventful and colourful week. How has your week been?

Lemme know in the comments below :)

Peace, love and Happy snapping! Xx


  1. Grate look

  2. Hi! I really enjoy reading your blog so I've nominated you for the Liebster Award, check out my blog for the details

    Meg xxx

    1. Thank you so much I shall have a looksie now xx