Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Wishlist Wednesday!

Hello gorgeous people :)
It is Wishlist Wednesday and so i am here to share with you some of the many things i have been lusting after recently....
This week it is all about Coco Fennell!
I could seriously ramble on for days upon days and pages after pages about how much i adore everything Coco Fennell makes...but i wont....i dont want to bore you....or seem crazy...
However, for those of you who maybe havent heard of Coco before, you like HAVE to check out her website Right.Freakin.Now. The clothes have the most wonderful and dreamy patterns and colour schemes that i swear i dream of yellow elephants and red helter skelters. The silouhettes are all flattering and feminine and every piece looks special somehow.
I will let you in on a little birthday wishlist might as well just be this link:
At the end of the month i turn 22 (two little ducks!) and every time someone has asked me what i want for my birthday i have shown them an item from the Coco Fennell website. Fingers crossed (and toes) that some lovely person close to me takes the not so subtle hints and gets me a Coco Fennell dress or shirt.
Anyways now i kinda do sound boring and crazy because im rambling on like i said i wouldnt! So here are my 3 absolute favourites by Coco Fennell (it was so hard to pick just 3) that make up my Wishlist Wednesday...

Lets hope the fashion gods all unite and i squeal with happiness as i open a birthday present to find one of these inside!
What does your Wishlist Wednesday consist of?!
Peace, Love and Coco baby! xxx