Thursday, 4 April 2013

Lashes of London Comp!!

Hey gorgeous guys and gals!
So i dont know if you know but i LOVE Lashes of London! Their clothes are bold and girly and not like any other brand in my opinion...their prints and fabrics are always unique!
And i have had this post planned for a little while now, in a folder in a folder in a folder named BLOG (haha) but now is the perfect time to publish it because Lashes of London are doing an amazing competition right now where you can win any gorgeous item from their NEO-NATURAL collection...and trust me...its soooo good :) But you gotta get there quick coz it ends in 3 days! GO GO GO!
But first, for those of you who are yet to come across the lovely Lashes of is a link to their website...
And here are some of my favourite items right now...

Lavly aren't they?!
I want every single one of these!
And if you want a chance to win something from their NEO-NATURAL collection here is how its done...
Good Luck! And if any of you lucky son-of-a-gun's win after seeing this let me know :)
Peace, Love and Lashes xxx


  1. you have a nice blog! mind to check out my blog? maybe we can follow each other :)

  2. Thank you livia :) I shall check yours out now xx