Thursday, 25 April 2013

How To: Quick and Easy Hair Bow! *Hair Tutorial*

Hello lovely ladies and gentle men!
Today i am bringing you all my first ever "How To" post. It comes after i posted an OOTD called "How do you do" and i had quite a lot of people asking me how i got my hair into the hair bow bun that was in those photos.
I guess i first saw the hair bow do on Lady Gaga like everyone else did and then when a friend of mine had a Lady Gaga themed party i wore a long blonde wig and tied a bow in it. With real hair it isnt that simple but it still is really quick and easy when you know how! being a lover of everything being quick and easy i looked on Youtube recently for tutorials on how to do this hairstyle but they all confused the heck out of me and so i just had a play around with my own hair and finally found a way that works for me!
Lets get started!
Step 1...
Ok so although it may not look like it to some, step 1 for me is to straighten my hair. My hair is naturally really curly/wavy/messy and so if i want a neater finish i run over it quickly with my straighteners before i begin. If you already have straight hair then ignore this step!
Step 2...
Step 2 again is really easy, you just scrape back your hair into a high ponytail. Obviously if you prefer to have some little wispy bits left down at the front or around your ears that is up to you but i like mine scraped back. Also you can mess around with the placement...if you want the bow to sit further forward make your ponytail further forward now!
Step 3...

Step 3 is just simply to backcomb or tease your ponytail. This is just so that you have more hair to play with and your bow looks fuller.
Step 4...
Step 4 is to bring your ponytail forward, bunch a section of it up into a bun and tie a hairband around it. Remember to leave enough hair hanging forward like in the photos as this will be the middle of your bow. At this point you may want to brush the section that is hanging forward so that it is neater and pull out the bun gently so that it gets wider.
Step 5...
Step 5 consists of grabbing the section that is hanging forward and wrapping it backwards over the bun (in the middle). You then secure the ends in place on the back of your head and pull out the sides of the bun to look like a bow. You can then add as many bobby pins as you feel neccessary to hold it in place and i also sometimes like to pin the bottom corners of each side to my head for extra hold. Spray with your favourite hairspray and adjust any bits where the hairband might be showing.
And there you have it...a really quick and easy way to get the hair bow look in 5 simple steps! Obviously the results will vary depending on the length/thickness of your hair and it will look even better if you dont have roots on show like me (haha!)
Leave me any questions you have in the comments box below...i hope i have explained it clearly enough. Oh and also if you happen to do your hair like this after reading my "how to" please send me your links/photos so i know that i helped someone :)
Im thinking about doing a Vlog on youtube for this hairstyle...whaddya think?!
Peace, Love and quick, easy hair bows! xxx
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  1. This is so cool! My hair is just about long enough to do things with after cutting it all off (and regretting it somewhat!), so will definitely give this a go! Great post!
    Carrie xxx

    1. ahh thank you Carrie! Definitely give it a go! Its so simple and it always gets compliments :) xx

  2. This is so adorable, love it!! xx

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  4. aww what a cute post

    Ive just posted a giveaway if youd like to enter :)

    1. thanks Georgina! i shall have a looksie now xx

  5. Do the vlog! You look adorable both before and after <3

    How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!


    1. ahh thank you Avy...i duno videos make me nervous haha i will check out your blog now sweet xx



  7. Wow, you did it so perfectly! And its looks super simple!! I shall try this out!! :D

    1. Ahh thank you Ami :) its really easy honestly! Xx

  8. that's so cute!! really cool post :) <3 <3

  9. Such a cute hair style! Can't wait to try this! Lobby your blog addicted to reading your posts please check put my blog would really mean a lot only recently started blogger
    Kelsey xoxo

    1. Thank you sweet :) I shall check out your blog now xx

  10. Sounds easy :) Can't wait to try. I'm also way too confused because of youtube tutorials about this hairstyle...