Monday, 4 March 2013

"it's all gone tits up!"!

Why hello there old friends...

Sorry I haven't had much to say recently but I have not been very well :(
Had a stupid eye infection that was really bad and then on top of that my camera lost all battery and I cant find my charger for the life of me! 

So basically im trying to say im sorry I haven't posted in so long and that this is just a quicky mobile post but life has just got in the way recently. ...


Ok so I went into boots for a hair mask and came out with these babies...

Gorgeous aren't they...

They are barry m's gelly nail paints and the colours are darling!

There are so many colour combinations I want to try out with these too 
because often I cant just choose one colour so I do alternate colours :)

Here are some of my fav combos..  

Ahhh so what colour or colours to chooooose?!?

Lol. I decided on the lovely pinky red that looks a different colour in every light/angle!

As always they are not perfect but the colour is so lush and the gelly effect looks so slick and glamorous i laavv it!!

Lemme know what colours you would put together :)

Peace, love and mobile nailswag xxx


  1. Barry M has been coming out with really nice polishes lately! :D Hehe and you're so pretty, new follower! :3

  2. Yeah they have some textured effect ones too and the colours are beaauutiful but texture on my nails makes me cringe haha :(

    Thank you, you are too kind! I love new followers :) xx