Thursday, 21 March 2013

Throwback Thursday...

Every Thursday my twitter feed and instagram are full of hashtagging cool people uploading their old photographs and calling it Throwback Thursday. 

A little while ago I sorted through all of my stuff ready to move out and found my memory boxes full of my favourite old photos and keepsakes and so I joint the #tbt craze.

I do love anything old fashioned and so looking through old photographs is a passtime that I hold close to my heart.

And so I came up with this fun blog post idea. Some may call me crazy for sharing my fashion throwbacks but I find the pictures hilarious.  In my book there are no fashion 'faux pas'...


Jeans, sweaters and chubby cheeks for a relaxed 'lounging around the house' look.

My outfit of choice whenever my mum uttered those golden words "today you can choose your own outfit" was this white vest/tutu thing teamed with big black biker boots. Avril Lavigne copied me okay.

A white on white ensemble for a summer holiday.

Red leather jacket, red shiny trousers and crimped hair. This was obviously my 'cool' phase.

I was 11. It was a family party where the dress code was smart and i told my mum i did not want to wear a dress because every other girl would be wearing one. I wanted a suit. A white suit. Dont ask me why I just had to be different.

I was a part of the velour tracksuit madness. My velour of choice was pink and had fcuk in gems on it somewhere. I wore the hoodie with a white maxi gypsy skirt and had pink streaks in my hair that day.

Well i had a laugh writing this i hope you all enjoyed it too! Dont be ashamed or embaressrd of your fashion the time it was probably the big thing.

Let me know whatcha think and share your throwbacks :)

Peace, love and tbt xxx


  1. adorable :) :)

    Alexandra Marie


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    Thank you :) I will take a looksie at yours now xx