Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Greetings Bloglings!
Sooo today after i bought Mamma bear some lunch i was scrolling through all my favourite online mags on my mobile and came across Primark's Summer 2013 Collection on LOOK Magazine's website.
I must admit, i wasnt expecting much. The last few times i've been into primark i have not been overly impressed tbh. However, i was pleasently surprised by what LOOK had to show me. Primarni have some gorgeous pieces on offer for Summer '13 and i have selected my favourites to share with you today :)

Ohhhhh Yeaaaahhh :D
Im Loving it! Props to Primark on this one...i cant wait to see all of these beauts on the shop floor!
There are loads more on show here....
The ones above are just my personal favs so check the rest of the collection out and lemme know whatcha think ok!
Peace, Love and Primark Baby! xxx


  1. Love that playsuit! will deffs have to do a little searching for it xxxx


  2. Same here it is gorgeous and the bright colours and are perfect for summer :) xx

  3. LOVE the shorts, flats, and lace tunic! love love love your blog! so happy to have stumbled across it! I'm your newest follower hey-o! hope you will stop by mine and follow =]

    xo, Kelsey Belle

  4. Hello kelsey and welcome to my blog!
    Im so glad you're enjoying it :)
    I want all of these from primark haha!
    I will check out yours now xxx