Monday, 25 March 2013

I'm Blazin on the streets....

I'm Blazin on the streets,
What i do isn't up to you,
If the city never sleeps then that makes two....


Hey, Hello and What is up?!
So this was me a couple of days ago, i wasnt feeling too good (still having problems with my eyes *sad face*) but i had promised my mum i would bring lunch to her whilst she was busy decorating. To be honest i could've stayed in my jammies all day with the way i felt but since i had to be in public i thought i should make some kind of effort. And so i guess this is my comfy chillin lunchtime outfit. As you can see i had an unexpected guest in my photos. Say hello to Dylan our Wheaten Terrier. Normally he HATES having his photo taken but today i couldnt get rid of him and so thats my excuse for all the weird faces im pulling, he kept barking at me and jumping up at me! At least we got one good shot together....
I know i went a little overboard with the effects on these pics but i couldnt help it...i got carried away!
The floral tapestry blazer is from River Island, Hat is h&m, top is h&m, necklace is Primark, socks are Primark and harem pants are Primark and my boots are from New Look.
I LOVE purple lipstick with my newly blonde first i wasnt sure but now i cant get enough and i really want a deep blood red lippy too so if you know of any good ones let me know :)
Also i am on the hunt for a really good hair toner...ive been using provokes touch of silver purple shampoo and its not working :( I NEED WHITE HAIR! So if you know any good ones hook me up :)
Peace, Love and Unexpected guests xxx
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  1. Haha, you did have fun with your special it! Following on Bloglovin as well now, so I can keep up with your antics! xo

  2. Lol yes, yes I did! Thank you maddie :) I shall see you over there haha xx

  3. I LOOOOVE your lip colour!

    mind taking a second to check out my blog? I love feedback! :)

  4. your really cute <3

    xxx Zari

  5. Hi karlee thank you :) its one of my favourites! I shall check out your blog now xxx