Thursday, 14 March 2013

COMPANY #StyleBloggerAwards 2013 with New Look!

Why Hello There, we meet again!
How has everyone been this week?! Excited that its already Friday tomorrow?!
My week has been a bit "meh" to be honest. I have been working as much overtime as i possibly can and have been at the hospital today for more tests on my eyes which i was really scared about. It went ok though....only time and more tests will tell what is actually wrong!
So anyway, enough about my blog!
My blog has been nominated for the COMPANY #stylebloggerawards 2012 in association with New Look!!
I follow Company Magazine on twitter because as i have said many times before, it is my FAVOURITE mag everrrr and i looked through their twitter feed and found a tweet about what the  Company style blogger awards in association with New Look were. Intrigued i followed the link and read about it and wanted to share it with all you lovelies!
Im not actually quite sure what the prize is for the winner because i got too excited after getting nominated and didnt really read the link properly before coming straight on here to blog about it *ironic*.
There are different things you can nominate your favourite blogs for and so far mine has been nominated for the "Best Personal Style Award" and the "Best Use of Photography Award" but there are many other things you can choose from as well.
So yeaaahh, if you love my blog it would be amazing to be nominated some more but equally i wanted to share this for those who dont know about it and think their favourite blogger deserves some recognition and praise :)
Here is the link to the Company website where you fill out a small nomination sheet...
Peace, Love and hashtag style blogger awards xxx
Ps. If you do want to nominate my blog, you can do it anonymously or you can comment on this post so that i can personally thank you for your kind gesture :)


  1. I had totally forgot about Rebecca Black until I saw this post! :D

  2. Haha I dont think I could forget her even if I wanted to "yesterday was Thursday, today it is friday"
    ...lyrical genius! Xx

  3. what a nice blog! want to follow each other dear? :)

  4. Ahh thank you mustika :) I would love you as a follower...I will check out your blog now xx