Monday, 11 February 2013


Happy Snow Day ya'll!
Okay so not just any snow day either...not only was everything covered in the white fluffy stuff this morning but it has sprinkled down on us all day long too!
Dressing for a snow day is a toughie cos you wana be warm and snuggly but you dont wana end up losing your style in all the layers.
I always want to look cute and girly when its snowy and i LOVE pastel colours in the snow and so here is what i wore today...
Makeup...keepin it simple because my eyes water LOADS in the cold weather....

OOTD....every time i put on this jumper im like meeehh it does make me look 3 sizes bigger than i am BUT it is sooo soft and warm and i LOVE the colours in it so oh well...

Final layers to keep me dry during the snow storm...

How Effin CUTE is my Cath Kidston pac-a-mac :D

The pocket on the front (that the whole mac folds into) does make you look a little preggers which wasnt great teamed with the jumper that makes me look huge but hey ho i was warm and it looked cute...

And then my camera did something SO weird and freaked me out...
Peace, Love and Happy Snow Days!! xx


  1. that purse is so cute!

  2. Your so pretty xx

  3. Thank you nini kat :) its my favourite at the mo even if it is a bit small! Xx

  4. Wow terrileanne thank you :) im blushing at my phone haha xx

  5. nice post.


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