Friday, 15 February 2013

Bullet for my Valentine.

Ok so yesterday was Valentines Day and being the hopeless romantic that i am, i love love LOVE it!
I love the bubble of romance that surrounds the day, even though i know most people nowdays hate it. I like to be the odd one out.
Anyhoo i thought i would share with you my Valentines Cupcakes, Nailart and Outfits for the day and night...who knows it might inspire someone who has a day time or night time date coming up!
Firstly, me with my teddy from Benjamin, my V Day nails and my V day bubble bath (using my LUSH twilight bath bomb...the one i talked about at the end of my LUSH review....its awesome FYI)
Because we are both skint me and Benjamin agreed to only exchange small gifts...i decided to make Devils Food Cupcakes...

Ok so next is my day time date outfit...Benjamin took me out for lunch and to the cinema (i LOVE the cinema) to see Wreck it Ralph which we have both been dieing to see since August last year!! It was amazing btw :)


If you cant wear pearly cat ears on Valentines Day when can you wear them?!
Day time dates call for casual/cute with minimal makeup for me...
My jumper and skirt are both from Jack Wills and although i dont normally like stuff from there i got these as a gift and i loved them! The cat ears are from River Island, Collar from Primark, pumps from Next and tights are from some random shop...sorry!
Ok so then to night time....Benjamin took me to a lovely restaurant for dinner and so i wanted to wear something loose and comfy (because i like to eat) but also dressy/casual coz the place we were going wasnt too posh...


My dress is from River Island, tights are House of Holland, boots are New Look, leather jacket is River Island and my necklace is Swarovski.
Night time dates call for more makeup, glitsy, accentuated eyes and a dash of bronzer...

I hope you all had a lovely Valentines Day whatever you were doing and as always lemme know whatcha think :)
Peace, love, love and more LOVE xxx


  1. Love this,amazing cupcakes!
    You look so sweet doll.xx

  2. Thank you lovely :) they taste amazing too :) xx

  3. Looks like you had a fab day! I love those cat ears and your nails :).
    Rose x

  4. Thank you rose :) my nails didn't turn out as perfect as I wanted buy hey... I had a wonderful day so thats what matters :) xx

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