Thursday, 31 January 2013

LUSH Product Review!

Hey, Hello and What is Up?!
Feels like aaages since my last quicky post (even though it was only a few days ago!)
I must be missing you all *haha*
On the menu today is my first ever product review! Exciting stuff! Even more exciting since it is a review of a few different products from LUSH. If you havent heard of it they sell fresh handmade cosmetic items that are quite simply, lush!!
And so here first item is called "Happy Blooming" and it is a "Luxury Bath Melt"...
Im sorry i havent got a picture of the whole thing but i only decided to do this post after i had used it a couple of times! Okay so this bath melt comes in the shape of a segment of orange with three snapable sections to it. It says on the packaging that you can either use the whole thing at once or you can snap bits off and use it more than that. I used it 3 times as there were 3 clear segments to it. It is a lovely pinky blush colour with little cherries on each bit (as you can see above) and it smells like strawberries and bubblegum to is very girly!
To touch it is like the softest thing ever but also kind of feels a bit like playdoh to me (weird!). Each time i used a bit i used a different method. The first time, due to all of my curiosity getting the better of me, i held it in my palm and dipped my hand under the water rubbing it between my fingers (it is just so soft....seriously...try it!). The second time i just chucked it in and left it alone and the third time i held it under the running tap. All 3 times had the same outcome, a lovely, pink tinted bath with some bubbles and a very girly sweet smell.
And so in conclusion i would give this product a 4 out of 5....and heres why...
Pros=       *Sweet girly smell (i am a girly girl so i loved it)
*The melt itself is lovely to look at and so soft!
*Makes your bath pink!!!
*Left my skin feeling soft and silky afterwards
Cons=    *Sadly not enough bubbles for me! I like alot of bubbles and so the last 2 times i used it i added some extra bubble bath in for more oomph!
Because stars are boring...i give the happy blooming bath melt 4 out of 5 gummy bears!
Secondly is the Each Peach (and two's a pear) Massage Bar...
So lets start with the basics....Name= amazing (reminds me of one of my fav books as a child "Each Peach Pear Plum").....Smell= super amazing, it is fruity and uplifting and smells to me like lemon and peach and Look= Lovely, i know my picture looks a bit gross but that was after i had used actually looks bright yellow and has raised flowers on it when new!
Ok so with the massage bars you rub it between your palms to warm it up and then you rub it all over yourself like a moisturiser. I found it quite difficult to get this one warmed up but once i had the knack of it, it was easy to spread and smelt even more amazing! It felt light a silky and i loved it. However, after like 2 hours i was still what can only be described as....slippery. LOL. I know it sounds gross. It wasnt the first i had put it EVERYWHERE and was standing up in my room watching the tele....then i got bored and sat down on my bed which meant my bedding looked a bit oily and sticky...and then i got so bored and weirded out by still being slippery and naked that i wiped it off and got dressed. Now i am a patient person...i mean 2 hours almost! But that was just waaaayy too long and in my opinion it should have sunk into my skin by then :(
I had so much love for this product until i used it so i am determined to try it again and maybe use less and see if it sinks in better but in conclusion i give this product a 2 out of 5
 and heres the sum up=
Pros=         *Smells AMAAAZING
*Has a name that reminds me of my fav childhood book!!
Con=   *Left me standing naked and slippery in my room for 2 hours....awkward!
Each Peach (and twos a pear) Massage bar you get only 2 gummy bears, for now!....
Next is WHOOSH Shower Jelly....

Looks so strange doesnt it? And it kind of is really...yet again it smells incredible! Like lemon and lime fresh and zingy...perfect for your morning shower if your in that not-quite-awake-zombie state that i often am in! Feels just like jelly actually and i sound so stupid here but my posts are always honest and so here goes...i didnt really know what to do with it! I have been told before by people that you can freeze or chill LUSH shower jelly's but that confuses me more so i just took it in the shower with me and decided i would figure it out somehow. And boy was it a laugh...
Okay so i tried to break bits off...epic just flopped around in the tub and then when i did manage to tear away a tiny amount it slipped out of my hand and went down the drain *rolls eyes*. In my zombie state i was not in the mood for these shenanigans and so i put the whole blob of jelly in one hand and just rubbed it all over (please comment below if this is the way you use it!) and that seemed to work. It foamed up and washed me like a shower jel should and i smelt nice all day! Hoorah!
I give this product a 3 out of 5 and let me tell you why=
Pros=     *smells incredible and fresh as a daisy!
*foams up and makes you smell nice all day
*gave me a good giggle in the shower (washing with a blob of jelly isnt normal ok!)
Cons=   *I couldnt figure out how to use it properly without juggling it and catching it mid air as it slipped and slid around!
I shall be putting it in my fridge and freezer to see what happens and so for now WHOOSH Shower Jelly you get 3 out of 5 Gummy bears!
Next up is the Sugar Scrub, body scrub....

To start with this sugar scrub smells really girly and sweet and so when i took it out of the packaging i was surprised by its appearance. It is a strange dull green colour but hey looks arent everything! I am going to keep this one short and sweet...i took it in the shower with me and rubbed it straight on my skin and it was like sand paper :( it really hurt but i do have sensitive skin and so i wet it a little bit more and tried again and it seemed to be a bit more gentle. After getting out of the shower my skin smelt nice and was softer so i am willing to try it again with caution!
This gets a 2 out of 5 from me becauuuusee....
Pros=   *Smells lovely
*Did make my skin softer
Cons=   *really really rough if not used with caution!
*looks a bit ugly to be honest!
(I hope your not bored yet! Theres still a few more things to come but it gets reeeallly good here!)
Next up is one of my absolute favourite LUSH products....Snow Fairy Shower Gel....

You can use this as shower gel, bubble bath or really does do everything! I have used this sooooo many times and once i love something this much i am a dedicated and loyal buyer of it!
Smells= GORRRGEOUS! Like bubblegum and pear drops and sugar and spice and all things nice
Looks= GOOORRGEOUS! Its pink and thick and has sparkly bits in it and the packaging is sweet!
When you use it as shower gel it feels lovely as you put it on your skin and you dont have to use too much at once for it to spread evenly and foam up! Also you can smell it on your skin all day after using it which i LOVE!
I give the Snow Fairy Shower Gel a 5 out of 5! (the first one...its not all bad i honestly love LUSH!)
Pros=    *Smells beautiful
*Looks like fairy dust
*Makes you smell like a fairy princess all day
*Spreads and foams very well
The one before the last is the Snow Fairy Wand....
This is up there with the Snow Fairy Shower Gel but it might just beat it to my favourite LUSH product spot because...lets face it...its a fairy wand! It smells the same as the shower gel so i guess you can tell i like it! And you use it by waving it around in your bath like a wand and magically the bath becomes pink tinted and FULL of bubbles!
I give the Snow Fairy Wand a million gummy bears because
Pros=    *smells like sweets
*does what it is supposed to as a bubble bath (creates loads of bubbles)
*makes the bath and your skin smell lovely
*gives the bath a pinky tint
*i have loads of fun waving it around in my bath like a fairy wand.
Cons= ZERO
And last but not least is one for the boys....
(not that i am stereotyping of course we can all use any of these if we wish)
Ok so it did used to look like a rocket :/
Sadly i got to it too late and my boyfriend had already used it...i bought him this for christmas and im not sure if you can still get it from LUSH but i know they re-bring stuff out all the time so lads keep your eyes peeled! Works in the same way as the fairy wand above and smells very fresh and manly. It also gives the bath a blue tint. I wont be giving a pros and cons list for this one because i havent used it and my boyfriend, i think, doesnt wana seem too excited about a bubble bath but hey he really liked it and lets face it, its fun!
Okay ladies and gents i hope you have enjoyed my long post (sorry) and found it useful/entertaining. I really do love LUSH products because for me there is no worry about what your actually rubbing on yourself as its all homemade! You can find these products and loads more wonderful things here:
ooh oh before i go i have one last bath bomb that i havent used yet called Twilight and i wanted to include it so that if anyone has used it before you can lemme know what its like in the comments below :)
Peace, Love & Happy Bathing xxx


  1. absolutely loved this post! I'm a huge fan of lush and had tried a few of these already i love the way you rated them! :) x

  2. Thank you so much abby it was alot of fun to do and im glad you liked it :) x