Tuesday, 1 January 2013

December is....

Here it is! The final installment of my photography project TWELVE TALES...it feels very odd that its over but nice in a way that i will always have the photographs to look back on when i think of 2012...
December is.....a very mixed bag!
At least thats how it felt to me...
This is Alfie. Our eldest dog. My best friend. You have met him a few times throughout this photography project because....well look at him! He is beautiful and so photogenic! Although these photos are in reverse order i didnt want to end this project on a sad note. Sadly, on the morning of Christmas day my old boy Alfie passed away.

For those of you who do not have pets you may not understand this but Alfie really was just another family member. Not a dog. My best friend and a member of the family. I saw him every day for 13 years of my life, most of my life and now he is gone and i shall miss him dearly every single day.

Christmas day and my eyes were red raw. I was all out of tears. I got dressed ready for dinner and put on my new pearly cat ear headband to cheer me up. I thought about all of the things i shall miss about Alfie. I shall miss the way he used to sniff flowers in the garden and wag his tail. I shall miss the way he always seemed a bit lost in his old age when he first woke up and i shall miss his beautiful big puppy dog eyes. On to happier thoughts....i am grateful for the fact that Alf had a long life full of love and that he had no illness and did not need to be put down. He passed in his sleep in his house full of his family who loved him undoubtedly. On Christmas day we celebrated his life.
Oh yeah! Im a blonde now....haha. I have wanted to try platinum blonde since i was about 15 and never had the balls to do it. Every hairdresser i met with said they wouldnt do it as i was so naturally dark. Then one afternoon i met one of my longest and dearest friends for lunch and although she is quite a sensible, lovely girl she definetely brings out my spontaneous, fearless side. This is why we have been friends for so long. She and I took the plunge and she smothered my hair in pre lightener. I had orangey yellow hair brighter than the sun but i felt great about it. After dying it blonde once myself and then letting a hairdresser have a go i now look like this! I hope you all like it :) I still want to be a little bit lighter but for now baby blonde will do....
Quite a boring little photo i know but it has to be in the collection because it is my anual traditional Christmas day LUSH bath. Every year my parents get me a box of goodies from LUSH and i use the most festive bath bomb on Christmas morning...This was a big gold present that turned the bath gold then lime green and then blue. It smelt amazing and the bubbles eased my aching heart.
I woke up on Christmas morning with a text from my brother saying "Letting the side down Jess, Why arent you up yet?" at about 6.50am. Usually i am the one waking everyone up early but this year i hadnt woken up yet. My heart sank. Mum and Dad finally actually did it. They havent given us stockings. A threat we hear every year and every year they cave and we are all super excited by our stockings. Where was mine?! Jake, my younger brother walked in with this Cath Kidston beaut and i heard my parents laugh as i squealed with delight.
Possibly my favourite Christmas decoration of them all....
Christmas time makes me think of all the angels i have looking over me and my family every day. Those who cannot be with us are missed but are also fondly remembered at this time of year.
Christmas Kisses from me to Benjamin.
One of my most favouritest presents this Christmas came from my Auntie, Uncle and Cousin...my inspo book...Tim Walker! I cannot wait to spend hours lost in its pages.

Not your average Christmas tree pic!

"This year im into reindeers and stars". This was what my mum said to me as we wandered around a Christmas market. Each year she has something that she wants more of around the house. Last year i believe it was white things and angels and previous to that hollie and berries. My mum is like a Christmas decoration trend setter.

Our beautiful fireplace...
I dont want to be too soppy and sentimental on this New Years day but as i sit here writing this i can hear my mum and dad washing up after our dinner with "TEENAGE DIRTBAG" booming from the radio, my brothers laughing at the tele and Dylan barking in the garden and although this month has been tinged with sadness as the new year starts i want to tell you all to make sure your loved ones know that they are just that. One of my few comforts through Alfie passing has been knowing that he knew always how much i loved him.
Sorry that this post wasnt up in December as promised, i hope you all understand and forgive me :) And i also hope that you have all enjoyed TWELVE TALES as much as i enjoyed working on it. I am very proud of this project and will cherish the photos forever.
Happy New Year to you all and Welcome, 2013 to my crazy life!
An oldie but a goodie. I love you Alf....R.I.P xx


  1. Hey Jessica-Chelsey, oh I'm so sorry to hear about your lovely Alfie, it's so hard to lose a beloved pet. The December photographs are breath-takingly beaut as always.....so glad you got your stocking!! :) x modemadeleine.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Hello Maddie Magpie! Thank you so much for your lovely comment, it has been really hard but posting this was like a little last thing for him :)

    Your comments give me so much hope and encouragement that i should keep photographing everything so thank you very very much you lovely lady :) i hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New years xx

  3. Love your blog - your photography is amazing. So sad you've lost alfie, he's such a cutie. xxx


  4. thank you so much Sophie! comments like yours spur me on to keep up with my photography :)
    and thank you for your condolences, i miss my Alf dearly! xxx