Thursday, 13 December 2012

September is Blue

From my photography project TWELVE TALES here is the 9th installment, "September is Blue"
September is Blue...
At least thats how it felt to me.

Growing up, Dr Seuss books were my absolute undeniable favourites. I loved the way this person seemed to see the world and longed to be a part of it. In September the time had finally come for Benjamin and I to go on our dream holiday to Florida. In the corner of the Islands of Adventure inside Universal Studios was Dr. Seuss' Landing. The 5 year old me was bursting with excitement (and the 21 year old me was skipping along next to her happily). It is always amazing to fulfill dreams.
"Big Time Fun"

When you choose to sit in the splash zone you expect to get wet. In fact you probably want to get soaked. There I sat and sadly no water touched my over heated head. However, getting to capture this wonderful moment made up for that.

Im not a school kid. I just dress like one.
Im not a cool kid. I just act like one.

In September I found Nemo.

Any place that has swirly pink stairs, black and white flooring and sweets everywhere is alright by me.

In September i liked to wear things that look old with things that look new.

In September fruit smoothies were my drink of choice to cool me down in the heat of The City Beautiful.

"White lace and Rocking Horses"

In September it felt appropriate to wear white and mint all the time. I like to call this "keeping it minty fresh"

In September the moon lurked above trees and hid behind the cotton wool clouds.

Judy Garland is actually distantly related to me. Honestly, she is actually my like great great great  great aunt or something. Weird isn't it?

Towards the end of Septmber monochrome was magic and i wore capes that made me feel like a superhero.
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  1. great blog ! i like your style !

    if you want we can follow each other!

  2. Love the sweater, love the blog.


  3. Thank you Paulina and Michelle! Such lovely words :) xx

  4. I love the cape and hat <3 xx