Monday, 17 December 2012

October is Orange

Getting near the end with the 10th installment of my photography project TWELVE TALES during which i took and edited 10-15 photos that summed up that month of 2012 for me.
October is Orange....
At least thats how it felt to me...
I went into an old fashioned sweet shop with my Dad and as he bought himself some milk bottles (the good ones with the powder) he bought me some candy sticks (the good ones that almost break your teeth)
The night before Halloween i made myself a lovely cup of tea in my brothers Nightmare Before Christmas mug that i bought him from Florida. It kept me warm as i packed my bags ready for Benjamin to whisk me away to Cornwall for a long weekend by the sea.
My mum loves pretty things. I get that from her. My mum puts pretend cupcakes and fresh flowers everywhere around the house and i appreciate this because it results in pretty photos like this one.
Frogs remind me of my Grandad. I dont really know why they just do and so when this little fella showed up it made me smile all day. Another frog stands watch by the pond. He is basically the fish's bodyguard.
October was full of mushrooms, cups of tea and crispy leaves. I like all of these things and so it was a pretty good month for me.
It is a wonderful thing when the sun shines through in a dark place.
Every year as it nears Christmas time my Mum gets down all her bits and bobs ready to make things for around the house. One year it was table runners and this year it was baubles and reefs. I love anything arts craftsy and so this year i joined in. The only thing missing were little elf costumes because for a day i felt like Santas little helper.
As i helped my Nan to clean some things in her bedroom i came across her wonderful jewellery box and my favourite thing had always been her charm bracelet. The silver is a bit dirty and the charms are a bit chunky and i love it completely. That day my Nan gave me her charm bracelet and i shall cherish it forever.
This perfect little mushroom reminds me of my pin cushion. It is also a little mushroom and every time i get my sewing box out it makes me smile. I always feel weird about stabbing pins into it though.
On our 5 year anniversay Benjamin bought me a ring that i fell in love with in a shop window next to Brighton Pier. One Christmas he got me a necklace to match it and i love it so much that i am so scared to wear it.
Funny socks, colourful socks, patterned socks and socks with animals on them. These are the socks i can get on board with.
In October 2012 my boy Alfie turned 13. Thats 91 in dog years. He is my little old man and i love him so dearly that my heart aches to even think of losing him. But its fine because when i was 11 i made a wish and that means that Alfie will live as long as i do.
On a boring Autumn day i decided to take a walk with my camera and came across a herd of mushrooms. I laid on the damp grass and this was the very first photo i took. It may be my favourite of all the photos i took that day. It is not very often i get things perfect first time.
Peace&Love xxx


  1. Such a great potos, love the last one! :)

  2. the photo of the orange leaves = gorgeous! :D

    <3, Mimi

  3. lovely pictures

    Adaora x

  4. Thank you all, lovely ladies! your comments are so encouraging :)